Sangh Mukt Bharat Is Necessary

Recently I have finished reading Mushrif’s book “Who Killed Karkare”. I agree it is very speculative and conspiracy theory oriented book, which generally doesn’t get accepted in the mainstream intelligentsia. But, even if 20% of what he has written in the book is true, it is a serious cause of concern. IB, Sanghis (Pune Brahmins), and some members of the Indian Army, are clearly emerging as terrorists in the book. And they are getting help from the US. Though he has not included the corporate in the conspiracy theory, but if these theories are true, the corporate also have to be involved, for they have to be the financiers.

The Sanghis are represented by the BJP in politics. Their main opponent at this point of time is apparently the Congress. Sangh Mukt Bharat, which at present looks like a distant possibility, is the dream worth aspiring for. And the corporate are the biggest hurdle in realization of this dream. They penetrate both the Sanghis and the Socialists, and it seems even the Leftists, and probably even the Maoists. They have a large force of mediocre executives backed by some very smart (near genius) executives. They prefer conservatism in general because that helps them block independent growth opportunities in nonbusiness arenas. In fact, with their intervention, they convert all arenas like journalism, activism, politics, etc, into business activities. Everything becomes so artificial that people just stop thinking logically and make emotional decisions — in fact, people have a natural propensity to make emotional decisions, and they don’t mind enslavement of their minds if that ensures intellectual laziness, and this is what the corporate benefit from. The Congress and the BJP, both cater to the corporate, and so do the regional parties, but since their penetration is narrower, they don’t become the immediate beneficiaries of the corporate funding. The immediate beneficiaries are the BJP and the Congress only; the AAP may replace the Congress, but that’s not the case as of date. So, it’s next to impossible that the corporate would play neutral when the BJP and the Sanghis would be attacked. If the corporate are ideologically neutral, they will try to maintain the status quo, and if they are Sanghis in disguise — the possibility of which is very high — they will actively support the Sanghis. Both the scenarios are perfectly alright, but only if there were a strong force against the corporate, who would have had conquered the power of money. The Congress for its sheer size is the biggest hurdle in Sangh Mukt Bharat because their biggest beneficiary status won’t led them get rid of the corporate. Sangh Mukt Bharat can become a reality only if some strong political force would emerge after having conquered the power of money. The AAP is a fraud and the Left has been marginalized, and I have doubt the Left might just jump if given an opportunity to become the biggest beneficiary of the corporate.

Nevertheless, the Sangh Mukt Bharat can emerge only in either of the three scenarios:
1. The corporate power itself gets marginalized, which is not happening for centuries to come.
2. The pro-business political forces like the BJP, the Congress, most of the regional parties coalesce into a single whole making the Sanghis ineffective, and their opposition by default would be an anti-business party of equal or bigger strength.
3. The Sanghis, the pro-corporate Socialists and the anti-corporate Socialists fight with each other eventually making the Sanghis a marginalized force.

Out of the above, the third option is the only viable option, but for that the initial churning would be painful. The Congress would face direct competition from smarter players like the AAP, the TMC, the JD (U), etc, and it might just get eclipsed by these stronger players very very soon — it looks inevitable to me. Then, an anti-business front may or may not involving the present day Left should emerge and challenge the Sanghis directly, at which point of time the corporate, having shed Sanghism (if any), may only halfheartedly try to maintain the status quo and accordingly fail in it. This would marginalize the Sanghis. In any case, the Congress’ future looks bleak unless they fast give clear signals of anti-Sanghism both in words and conduct right up to the local ground level, not just TV studios; remove all party functionaries who even remotely have any affiliation to the Sanghis; and keep reinforcing these signals ever and ever again in perpetuity.

Comment Dt. 08.06.2016
Why people like Sushil Kumar Shinde, who rejected the Maharashtra government’s proposal to ban Abhinav Bharat, still in the Congress. These Sanghi terrorists roam around freely even appearing in TV studios. Abhinav Bharat has emerged with the active support of IB, Military Intelligence and RSS. Sushil Kumar Shinde’s not banning this terror outfit clearly points towards his affiliation to the RSS. The worst, he is even supposed to be close to Sonia Gandhi. That is the reason I say Congress Mukt Bharat is a precondition for Sangh Mukt Bharat.

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