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Brahmachari Peacock

Brahmachari Peacock & MOR

Whatever…Media and Twitter have been sharp enough to fully and finally dump this stupid Brahmachari Peacock story. But…then we love stories. Don’t we! 1. Ganesh’s head was blown off by Shiv in anger and then when he cooled down he replaced it with that of an elephant, and rest is, as we say, history. 2. When it rained too heavily, Krishna juggled a wholesome mountain on his single finger, in…

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In Re: Kapil Sharma’s Show

I was reluctant to comment on this for two reasons: first it is too frivolous a topic, and secondly there is a conflict of interest (I have personally interacted with Sunil Grover long ago in Bombay when he was nobody). Anyways, now it is more or less clear that it was just a marketing gimmick. Probably, Sony TV wanted to build up the brand value of the show before renewing…

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Should Twitter Verify all Accounts?

#GurMehar #Twitter #RamjasRow The rape threats to Gurmehar Kaur on Twitter has led to a police complaint against unidentified persons. Technically speaking, the complaint is correct because except for a few verified accounts with blue tick everybody else on Twitter is anonymous, and this holds true for all social networks because nobody is verifying all accounts. In fact, they are verifying so few accounts that it has become a celebrity…

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Indeed, Dangal is a very well directed movie, but I am not sure about the story per se. Moreover, I have started seeing anything coming out of AK house with an eye of suspicion now.  First, I am not sure whether the portrayal of Geeta Phogat’s coach is credible enough. In any case the portrayal is highly defamatory of the coach. Secondly, not eating gol gappe in your childhood or…