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Meira Kumar Is just another Hypocrisy!

It is tragic for Dalits when the two well-known Brahminical parties project Dalit faces for presidential elections as a clear vote bank politics. The BJP is a well-known Brahiminical party, but the Congress is no less. It is a party of Kashmiri Pandits. The bias for Kashmiri Pandits is ingrained in the Congress. Furthermore, THE Rahul Gandhi very recently openly projected a Brahmin face in UP when the whole country…

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Brahmachari Peacock

Brahmachari Peacock & MOR

Whatever…Media and Twitter have been sharp enough to fully and finally dump this stupid Brahmachari Peacock story. But…then we love stories. Don’t we! 1. Ganesh’s head was blown off by Shiv in anger and then when he cooled down he replaced it with that of an elephant, and rest is, as we say, history. 2. When it rained too heavily, Krishna juggled a wholesome mountain on his single finger, in…

Kulbhushan Jadhav's Death

Better for India to Try Hardcore Diplomacy In Re: Kulbhushan Jadhav

These disputes would relate, if not entirely, substantially to the interpretation of the Vienna Convention and its application to the facts of the case. The fate of #KulbhushanJadhav hangs on this statement of Harish Salve. Will it succeed? Now let me explain the significance of the statement. India has invoked the jurisdiction of International Court of Justice (ICJ) under Article 1 of the Optional Protocol Concerning the Compulsory Settlement of…

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The Sasikala Saga

If some people are to believed Sasikala was the chosen one of the RSS. Her replacing OPS was also part of the script. Then what happened so suddenly that OPS became the favorite of the center. Nevertheless, Sasikala was still able to hold her ground and won the trust vote in the assembly through EPS. Of course, she kept her grip on the party through Dinakaran. Now there are allegations…

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Has AAP Shown Its True Colors?

The above linked video of Kumar Vishwas is nothing less than a shocker. Nationalism, Economic Sanctions, Border Fencing, Indian Flag at Lal Chowk, and biggest of them all, Hindu Rashtra. The AAP seems to have endorsed this video through Arvind Kejriwal (or is this also attributed to the people of Delhi like Jaitely’s defamation). In any case, this should leave no scope for any confusion even for those who are…

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In a world first, Singapore’s highest court rules that parents deserve kids with their genes (External Resource)

http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/scroll_in/~3/d85mx54s3-s/in-a-world-first-singapores-highest-court-rules-that-parents-deserve-kids-with-their-genes My Comment: To be very frank, I too feel the facts of the case required some kind of compensation to be paid to the parents, who were expecting their child to be carrying their genes but were denied the same. However, at the same time, it starts the same debate of nature v. nurture. In fact, in this case, the parents were so offended that they demanded compensation for…