Love Affair: Not with Pets!

A dolphin comes to his savior ever and ever again!
You search for the lizard whom you push out of your room daily!
A cat sneaks into your room pretty often, and you break open a small door in your big door for her comfortable entry!
Your running mate, a street dog, has suddenly fallen ill, and you don’t like running anymore!
You keenly watch the sparrow build her nest in your backyard after her house flew away in the storm!
You can’t acquire love, in marriage, or in pets!

About the Author

Ankur Mutreja
Ankur Mutreja is an advocate-cum-writer, and his blogs are amongst his modes of expression. He has also authored six books: "Kerala Hugged"; "Light: Philosophy"; "Flare: Opinions"; "Sparks: Satire and Reviews"; "Writings @ Ankur Mutreja"; and "Nine Poems"; which can be downloaded free from the links on the top menu.

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