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Rebellion of Travelers

Nations: Beware of the Rebellion of Travelers

What threatens the travelers the most? Conflict Zones, Natural Disasters, Lack of Funds, Nostalgia, Threat of Sickness, Distrust of People, Wild Encounters, or NATIONS! By far, it should be nations. Nations create borders, which creation restricts movement, and, in case of big nations like the US, also attacks dignity by forcing travelers through unwarranted immigration checks: why should each single traveler be put through the prying eyes of the officials…

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Will She, or Won’t He!

She is always elusive; he is always interested. It doesn’t matter how old she grows, her love demands submission. He submits only through actions & words, for his mind demands alteration. She may choose and pick forever, but her choice remains hidden. He may himself never make a choice but his luck smiles if and when the choice is no more hidden. Can a night spent under the stars change…

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No Marriages in a “Better Male” Society

Earlier, I had held a view that marriage is an option closely linked to the need for bearing child/children. This view has now undergone a change. Now, I believe that marriages are evil. There should be no marriages at all. Child bearing can be done without marriages as well. The reason for this change is as follows. The marriages are the biggest reason for differentiation between males and females. The only biological difference…


I Am Indeed Anti-National

(#AntiNationalism #AntiNationalHumanist) (Note: This blog was published on 30.10.2015) The nations exists to segregate one class of people from another. There are indeed instances of dual and multiple nationality existing within the same country, and also there are examples of the same nationality spread over more than one country. Mostly, the nationality is decided on the basis of language, but there are examples like India where multiple languages are spoken…

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Desire Is Important, and Its Fulfillment, Extremely Important!

Fulfilling desire at right time is extremely important. Only in very rare circumstances, the fulfillment of desire should be postponed. If some external force beyond your control stops you from fulfilling desire, it becomes extremely frustrating. Generally, these external forces are politicians, corporate, forces, etc., who stop people from fulfilling desire to exercise control over them. This is also one of the reason I hate BJP/RSS the most. Their whole…

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Love Affair: Not with Pets!

A dolphin comes to his savior ever and ever again! You search for the lizard whom you push out of your room daily! A cat sneaks into your room pretty often, and you break open a small door in your big door for her comfortable entry! Your running mate, a street dog, has suddenly fallen ill, and you don’t like running anymore! You keenly watch the sparrow build her nest…

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Let the Species of Genius Win and the Humanity Prevail!

The difference between various species of animals is their respective brain development. Lower animals have very less developed brain. Higher animals have better developed brain. Men have the best developed brain. However, amongst men, the variation in brain development is enormous. Genius and near genius, who constitute top 0.5 percent (or top 0.1% may be, or top 1% perhaps, or may be even top 2%: the word genius is too…