Poems and Philosophy for That Special One!

Deep Thought

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Sword Mightier than Pen

The patrons of the pen are those who immerse themselves in books and dream of the world where there is no bloodshed. The patrons of the sword are those who kill humans and beasts alike giving the benefit of doubt always to self. Both like colors, but the pen likes rainbow and the sword likes red. The mind is the best friend of the pen, who come together to write…

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My Kite Is Flying

In the sky, above the clouds, my kite is flying with the pretty sparrow, whom she tweets day and night. She returns to me at the end of the day and just before the dark night, but I fear one day she will break the thread of friendship and disappear beyond my searching eyes. I can fetter her movement with my sly mind, but my heart revolts if I break…

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Inquisitive Today

I am inquisitive today. Can I go into the past and change the future? Can I go into the future and experience the past? What if I go into the past, change everything, and am re-born a boy? What if I go into the future and love myself re-born as boy? Gods are infuriated again, but Why? Is this the new version of Adam & Eve? Have Gods forgotten their…

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Very Lonely Today

Dimples on my cheeks caused many a traffic jams, but nobody cares to kiss me today. My lovers would not let me sleep even for a second, but there is not one in sight today. The pimp at the signal, who sold me like a prostitute, is not soliciting the clients today. The new bitch round the corner, they say, is very sexy; is everybody riding on her today? Nobody…

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The Eyes Revolt

Each part of his body has complied to the call of the alarm, but the eyes revolt. The hot water bath has put his brain once again in the charge, but the eyes revolt. He is trying to cajole the eyes with the American dream, but the eyes revolt. The eyes have been confined inside the dark sunglasses, but the eyes revolt. Enough is enough, he has decided to move…

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To Kill or Not to Kill

She was destined to love till eternity each time afresh with a new lover in moonlight. Victims of love were teased with unsatiating drops of nectar garnished with love cries. Her lovers were not spared for another lover, for she desexed them in her dreamy smile. She was cursed to love her lover only once as her destiny forbade the second crime. Her masters watched her acts of passion from…

Rebellion of Travelers

Nations: Beware of the Rebellion of Travelers

What threatens the travelers the most? Conflict Zones, Natural Disasters, Lack of Funds, Nostalgia, Threat of Sickness, Distrust of People, Wild Encounters, or NATIONS! By far, it should be nations. Nations create borders, which creation restricts movement, and, in case of big nations like the US, also attacks dignity by forcing travelers through unwarranted immigration checks: why should each single traveler be put through the prying eyes of the officials…