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Board Member 1: Please introduce yourself Interviewee: I am ABC. I am resident of Delhi and have done graduation from IIT-D. I have interests in new tech development (developed a voting system for hostel committee members for day-to-day decision making using blockchain technology), swimming (national champion), and primary education (advisor to dozen of  primary schools in Delhi). Board Member 1: Please tell us something more about the voting app you…

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Q&A with God (Author: Ankur Mutreja)

Me: Did you have sex before creating the world? God: With Whom? Me: Was there nobody? Why didn’t you create somebody? God: I need nobody. Me: Then why did you create everybody? God: To control. Me: To control what? The world or yourself? God: I don’t need any control. Me: Nobody ever challenged you? God: Who can challenge me? Me: Those whom you created. God: I will kill them if…

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Protestor’s Market

It is necessary and important that a stable daily market wage rate of professional protestors be established for the benefit of the business, who presently pay disproportionately high rates to activists and politiicans for launching fabricated protests through their captive corporate media. Indeed the business has made heavy inroads into the market APNE AAP, but their grip on the market has not yet crystalized. AADHAAR may give them ready access…

Revolver Rani ICJ

I, Revolver Rani & ICJ, Our Saviour

I am married to a “Revolver Rani” type girl, who abandons me for I can’t fire my GUN on target. However, I love her so much that I file a petition for restitution of conjugal rights in a matrimonial court. In the meantime, my beloved “Revolver Rani” murders an innocent guy in cold blood, who like me just couldn’t fire his GUN on target, and is awarded a death sentence….

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Nobel Prizes 2017

Here is the list of Nobel awardees for the year 2017: Nobel Prize for Literature: NARENDRA DAMODARDAS MODI for his famous de-monetisation speech (mitron). Nobel Prize for Economics: NARENDRA DAMODARDAS MODI once again for de-monetisation but this time for the 2000 rupees note. Nobel Prize for Physics: NARENDRA DAMODARDAS MODI for his selfie with MOM (Mangalyaan). Nobel Prize for Chemistry: NARENDRA DAMODARDAS MODI once again for his selfie with MOM but this…

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Cashless Economy Survey

#CashlessEconomy #Demonetisation #demonetisation #DeMonetisation The following are the competent resources for the cashless economy: 1. eWallets, Credit Cards, Netbanking, Cheques, etc. 2. Food Grains, Pulses, Meat, Milk, etc. 3. Cattle, Tools, Utensils, Furniture, etc. 4. Gold, Silver, Diamond, Gems, etc. 5. Pouts, Smiles, Cleavages, Eye Winks, etc. 6. Muscles, Lathis, Guns, Abuses, etc. 7. Begging Bowls, Gurudwara Langars, Restaurant Leftovers, Garbage Bins, etc. 8. Boobs, Vaginas, Penises, Arses, etc. Of…