I have been blogging for more than a decade now. Initially, I started blogging on Live Journal, then moved onto Blogger, and finally, to WordPress. The transition from one platform to another is also reflective of the enhancement of my blogging and writing experience. Intially, my writings were a platform to express my frustrations, which when matured turned into philosophy. I called them Silent Talks and retained the caption from Live Journal. On Blogger, I explored many other variations of my writings: Satire, Reviews, Opinions, etc; and added many more properties: Serious Talks, Stupid Talks, Legal Talks, Political Talks, Reviews n’ Talks. On WordPress, I consolidated my writings further into a website and added another property Shared @ Ankur Mutreja, which became the most visited property amongst my blogs.

Then I realized a writer is not about the properties he creates but about the minds he influences, for which he needs to present himself, not his properties. His properties die with him but his name remains immortal and invaluable in the minds of his influencees. So, now I have consolidated all my writings in a single blog and retained the name Shared @ Ankur Mutreja, which I hope will help me spread my ideas better. I am concerned about privacy and am indeed a privacy exponent. Thanks to the recent restructuring of my blogs, my views and thoughts on issues related to privacy now find place in a separate dedicated blog: For Privacy



In 2015, I also self-published an e-book entitled Writings @ Ankur Mutreja consolidating all my writings at one place in the form of a book. Further derivation happened in the form of three more e-books: Sparks, Flare, and Light; which are indeed derived from Writings @ Ankur Mutreja but present different thought processes in different genres; i.e., Satire & Reviews, Opinions, and Philosophy; thus making it easier for the readers to make a choice. All these e-books are available free for download from the various links provided in the sidebar. And you may also download free, from there, my poetry: Nine Poems.

Recently, I traveled to Kerala. Of course, the writer in me won’t let this opportunity be lost. So, I have written a travelogue of my travel experience in Kerala and am calling it Kerala Hugged.

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