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Desire Is Important, and Its Fulfillment, Extremely Important!

Fulfilling desire at right time is extremely important. Only in very rare circumstances, the fulfillment of desire should be postponed. If some external force beyond your control stops you from fulfilling desire, it becomes extremely frustrating. Generally, these external forces are politicians, corporate, forces, etc., who stop people from fulfilling desire to exercise control over them. This is also one of the reason I hate BJP/RSS the most. Their whole…

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Let the Species of Genius Win and the Humanity Prevail!

The difference between various species of animals is their respective brain development. Lower animals have very less developed brain. Higher animals have better developed brain. Men have the best developed brain. However, amongst men, the variation in brain development is enormous. Genius and near genius, who constitute top 0.5 percent (or top 0.1% may be, or top 1% perhaps, or may be even top 2%: the word genius is too…

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The Pleasure of Revenge!

Can killing someone, inflicting pain on someone, harassing someone, etc, give pleasure? Yes, it can, but only if the pleasure of revenge originates from a genuine desire of revenge. For example, if a Sarabjit finds that the Indian Army inflicted immense pain on him by sending him as an agent in Pakistan to be abandoned on being caught for a life of misery ever after, he would find immense pleasure…

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Hedonism Formula!

Hedonism believes in increasing pleasure and reducing pain. Of course, this is the best ethics. But I don’t know when and why this changed into utilitarianism. Isn’t it obvious love increases pleasure and reduces pain. I wonder why philosophers made Hedonism so complicated in search of order when it is so very obvious that the order is maintained only through stick — Or may be also through love, but, whether…

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You Love in Private Only!

When you marry the prettiest celebrity on planet, you are worried s/he may not like your manners. When you learn your father has surreptitiously sent your blood samples for DNA testing, you die to be declared a bastard. When you find nobody loves you, you test self-love on Xbox, but you fail to prove yourself worthy of a life. But of course you show love in public. When you are…

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UTOPIA: I Don’t Believe in Perfection!

Many philosophers have come and gone, but Plato and Aristotle remain immortal. The Socialists generally derive from Plato and the Capitalists, from Aristotle. Plato’s Utopia comprised a totalitarian education system producing workers and clerks at 20, managers and military officers at 30, philosophers at 40, and rulers at 50+. Of course, clerks, managers, philosophers, et al, emerged at different age groups because they studied that much more or that much…