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Rebellion of Travelers

Nations: Beware of the Rebellion of Travelers

What threatens the travelers the most? Conflict Zones, Natural Disasters, Lack of Funds, Nostalgia, Threat of Sickness, Distrust of People, Wild Encounters, or NATIONS! By far, it should be nations. Nations create borders, which creation restricts movement, and, in case of big nations like the US, also attacks dignity by forcing travelers through unwarranted immigration checks: why should each single traveler be put through the prying eyes of the officials…

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Shillong, The Beauty

I visited Shillong, which is the capital of Mehgalaya, two months ago. In fact, it was a side-visit to kill time, but it was indeed time well-spent. It was a Sunday afternoon when I reached the main city centre; the striking feature of the place was exuberance of well-dressed young guys and gals; it looked some kind of a dating feast, but, all I can remember, the day was that…

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The Agartala City

Agartala is a city more or less untouched by the capitalist onslaught, which prompted me to visit the city to gauge if the city offers any alternative promise. Well…let me state at the outset that I am disappointed. I would much like to grasp the politics of the place as the management here is under the complete influence of the politicians, both organised and unorganised. However, without the knowledge of…

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On Auroville

Comments dt. 14.06.2014 I am here in Auroville for vacation when the Aurovillians are vacationing elsewhere, so I am trying to make friends with dogs, cats and cows — no luck with the dogs till now though the cats seems to have got attracted with my looks, but the cow milk is for kids and, anyways, I don’t like milk — and this is actually the real challenge in Auroville…

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Puducherry, the Mission Idli

I don’t know why but I had this urge to eat the Tamil Idli as soon as I entered Pondicherry. But, to my surprise, the small kiosks to the big restaurants, nobody was willing to serve idlis in lunch. But, as adamant as I am, I immediately embarked upon Mission Idli on the lesser known streets of Puducherry (meaning the new city), ignoring the French Boulevards, the Beach Road, the…