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Rahul Gandhi and being pappu

Rahul Gandhi and Being Pappu

To be frank, I found Rahul Gandhi an amenable person till not very long ago, but now when he has decided to project himself for prime minister ship, the fact he is a loser has become prominent. He is an incorrigible loser deserving sympathy but no faith. Of course, a loser can learn and win but only if he does. Rahul Gandhi has not shown any inclination to learn. The…

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Rebellion of Travelers

Nations: Beware of the Rebellion of Travelers

What threatens the travelers the most? Conflict Zones, Natural Disasters, Lack of Funds, Nostalgia, Threat of Sickness, Distrust of People, Wild Encounters, or NATIONS! By far, it should be nations. Nations create borders, which creation restricts movement, and, in case of big nations like the US, also attacks dignity by forcing travelers through unwarranted immigration checks: why should each single traveler be put through the prying eyes of the officials…

Varnika Kundu Case

Varnika Kundu Stalking (or Road Rage)

There have been only two burning issues in media for the last two days: the Gujarat Rajya Sabha elections and Varnika Kundu. I thought Varnika Kundu stalking case will lose to the Gujarat elections, but not really. The Chandigarh police has given it a new lease of life yesterday. The lady (with greying hairs) claims to have been stalked and attempted kidnapped (‘attempt to abduction’ as registered by the police…

FIR against All India Bakchod

FIR against All India Bakchod: Potty Training Recommended

Context As per the news reports, an FIR against All India Bakchod (AIB) books them u/s 67 IT Act read with s. 500 IPC for tweeting a meme showing Modi look-alike in one frame and Modi with the Snapchat Dog Filter in another, with the caption Wanderlust (see the featured image). Section 500 IPC deals with defamation, which per se is a non-cognizable offence; however, s. 67 IT Act, which…

Amarnath Attack: Not In My Name

Amarnath Attack: Not In My Name in India Has Lost Direction

Published on 11.07.2017 Not in My Name, which started as a movement against mob lynching, has lost all direction today after they have decided to protest “terrorist” attack on Amarnath pilgrims. From what I can gather on Twitter, Omar Abdullah was the first one to use the hashtag #NotInMyName in connection with the Amarnath Attack. He used it in the context of Kashmiris and urged them to condemn the attack,…

India abandons Panchsheel in Israel

India Abandons Panchsheel in Israel

Our school invariably had two sections across the board: Section A and Section B. Section A was reserved for students living in Vihars: Preet Vihar, Swasthya Vihar, Priyadarshini Vihar, Nirman Vihar, etc. Section B was reserved for Nagars: Laxmi Nagar, Shastri Nagar, Ganesh Nagar, Pandav Nagar, etc. I, though being in Section B, had developed friendship with Section A students. Of course, one fine day Section B students, who were…

Nidhi Razdan & Sambit Patra Spat

NDTV’s CBI Raids Are the Result of Nidhi Razdan & Sambit Patra Spat!

(Please read the comments dt. 27.06.2017, 29.06.2017, and 06.11.2017 at the bottom.)   Published on 06.06.2017 Over the years, I have grown cynical esp. when it comes to the BJP. They pursue completely frivolous matters with such diligence that the matters start looking serious. The current raid on NDTV’s promoters is also the same. Yes, indeed it is the result of Nidhi Razdan & Sambit Patra spat. When I first…