FIR against All India Bakchod

FIR against All India Bakchod: Potty Training Recommended

Context As per the news reports, an FIR against All India Bakchod (AIB) books them u/s 67 IT Act read with s. 500 IPC for tweeting a meme showing Modi look-alike in one frame and Modi with the Snapchat Dog Filter in another, with the caption Wanderlust (see the featured image). Section 500 IPC deals with defamation, which per se is a non-cognizable offence; however, s. 67 IT Act, which…

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Nidhi Razdan Is the Gajendra Chauhan of TV Anchoring

#NidhiRazdan #NDTV #FTII #BJP Disclaimer: I have been blocked by Nidhi Razdan on FB for reasons unknown, but that was long back. Comment Dt. 06.10.1015 I thought I wouldn’t comment anymore on this. But, she just doesn’t know the basics. She gets free security, free perks, advantageous access to influential government persons, and many more benefits from the government for being an accredited journalist with the GoI, but still claims…