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Review of the Book 'Left, Right and Centre' by Nidhi Razdan

Review of the Book ‘Left, Right and Centre’ by Nidhi Razdan

Published on 18.07.2017 To be very frank, I had no intention to publish the review of the book ‘Left, Right and Centre’ by Nidhi Razdan on my blog. I prefer to review only well-deserving books here. This book doesn’t seem to be one of them. The only motivation for writing this review here is the snub by Google Play, which I am assuming has been done under the influence of…

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Review of Kerala Hugged by Ankur Mutreja

Review of Kerala Hugged by Ankur Mutreja

  (This review was first published on the Facebook page of the book ‘Kerala Hugged’ on 30.12.2016 and is being reproduced here today) Should an author write a review of his own book? Why not if he is willing to highlight just the negative points, esp when he has read the book hundred times and self-edited everything. So, I do hereby review my own book. Photographs A travelogue just can’t…

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Review of Behind Bars by Sunetra Choudhury

Behind Bars by Sunetra Choudhury is a compilation of case studies of prisoners with an underlying current of exposing the unfairness of life, which gets even further accentuated behind bars. She has tried her best to accommodate all kinds of players in her compilation: politicians, corporate honchos, rebels, commoners, et al. There are total of 13 case studies, which I have read all, but the names which have lingered on…

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“Invisible People” by Harsh Mandar

​Harsh Mandar, a well-known activist, has today come across to me as an accomplished writer. His book Invisible People: Stories of Courage and Hope is a compendium of 12 stories of unknown faces who have struggled to exist, but their existence was so determined that it turned them into heroes. Here I am assuming their acknowledgement as such by the author deserves them a hero status (though I have my reservations about…

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“Hind Swaraj” by Gandhi

I accidentally happened to read Hind Swaraj by M. K. Gandhi yesterday. To be very frank, I am appalled with his thinking.  At times, it touches insanity: Railways are bad because it spreads famines; doctors are bad because they do vivisection; there is no real service to humanity in medical profession; lawyers are bad because they get justice through courts, which according to him is as bad as solving disputes…

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“Sex, Drugs and Chocolate” by Paul Martin

​Let me start with a spoiler. If you are expecting a soft porn, ateast in the one-third of the book, you are in for a big disappointment. Rather, if you are already enjoying your life well enough, don’t even look at this book because after reading this book you may realize that what you were doing was not pleasure but desire, and most probably even addiction. This book is an…

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Buddha in a Traffic Jam

The controversies preceding the release of this movie had ensured that the suspense turned into obvious; so, let me state at the very outset that it is an anti-Naxal movie. But unlike other poor attempts at Naxalite bashing, this movie is pretty well made: the message has been passed on in a far better synchronized manner. Of course, it is a theory. A theory that Naxals are inhuman rogues, who…