Review of Kerala Hugged by Ankur Mutreja

Review of Kerala Hugged by Ankur Mutreja

  (This review was first published on the Facebook page of the book ‘Kerala Hugged’ on 30.12.2016 and is being reproduced here today) Should an author write a review of his own book? Why not if he is willing to highlight just the negative points, esp when he has read the book hundred times and self-edited everything. So, I do hereby review my own book. Photographs A travelogue just can’t…

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Ethical Validity of Euthanasia Judgment

Ethical Validity of Euthanasia Judgment

The Supreme Court of India in it’s recent judgement in Common Cause has included the right to dignified death by withholding/withdrawing medical treatment in case of terminal illness requiring prolonged treatment or subjection to life support systems with incurability or no hope of curability, as part of Article 21 of the Indian Constitution. The above exercise of choice to die is commonly known as passive euthanasia. Further, the Supreme Court…

Tripura elections results

What Kerala CPI(M) Can Learn from the Tripura Elections Results!

My answer to the question vide the above caption is NOTHING. Whatever I am writing below will rationalize my answer with the presumption that Tripura election results are genuine; i.e., there was no EVM manipulation, no booth capturing, no bribery of voters, no hypnosis of voters (ok that’s going too far, but…whatever). I have visited both Tripura (Agartala) and Kerala (Kochi). In fact, I published a travelogue, Kerala Hugged, after…

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Protestor’s Market

It is necessary and important that a stable daily market wage rate of professional protestors be established for the benefit of the business, who presently pay disproportionately high rates to activists and politiicans for launching fabricated protests through their captive corporate media. Indeed the business has made heavy inroads into the market APNE AAP, but their grip on the market has not yet crystalized. AADHAAR may give them ready access…

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Why the Night Is So Noisy Today?

All are asleep, but he is awake. No one except night talks to him, so he is awake. Nobody except he listens to her, so he is awake. Her story is dark for her color is black. Her language is silence for her audience has slept. She is the villain of the story for no one has she ever loved. He can’t stop following her bound by his unrequited love….

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I Will “Spew Venom” on Both Sides

This post is in reference to a list of 30 under 30 released by Forbes India. I am not qualified to comment on the persons included in the list except for one, i.e. Gautam Bhatia, who is a lawyer. He is a known face on Twitter and also a darling of the so-called “liberal” websites. I was actually surprised to see him included in the list. But on doing a…

Review of the movie padmaavat

Review of the Movie “Padmaavat”

Generally, I don’t waste time writing negative reviews, but the movie Padmaavat has attacked my sensibilities in more ways than one. First, this movie reinforces objectification of women. Secondly, it glorifies the abhorrent practice of Sati/Jauhar. Thirdly, this movie has duped liberals through extremely cynical marketing. Let me take up each of these issues one-by-one. Padmavati’s original fame to claim is her beauty irrespective of whether it is part of…


Review of the book “Cryptoassets” by Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar

The Review Bitcoins have been nudging my financial instincts, which I have kept dormant for a decade and a half, but beginning this year the gentle nudges turned into wild attacks loud enough to wake up any indolent mind from its slumber: even a whisper of 1200% return on investment in a single year is loud enough for a mind which has even remotely heard of terms like P/E ratio,…