Annapurna Circuit Trek: Fairy Tale of Love with Nature

“Annapurna Circuit Trek: Fairy Tale of Love with Nature” is a compilation of unforgettable memories of my unconsummated love affair with nature. You can call it a travelogue, but it’s more than that. A traveller visits a place and returns, but I have not yet returned. Though my body has pulled my mind towards Delhi, but the memories well crystallized inside the mind are making it wander even now. I…

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The Future of Cryptos

The last week of cryptos has brought about a fundamental change in the perspective: nobody is talking of crypto market bullishness. Some very good DeFi (Decentralized Finance) coins have been butchered so much that now they are hugely undervalued. You can buy them at December 2020 prices. In my another blog, On Cryptos, I have identified DeFi as the biggest potential of cryptos. In the same blog and another blog,…

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Future of bitcoin

It would be foolhardy to claim that bitcoin has a bright future without any resistance. There is no doubt that bitcoin is an excellent idea for disruption, but that per se is no guarantee of success. Even a tech entrepreneur who gets full support from the nationalist governments can’t get success without strategy and efforts. bitcoin is rather trying to disrupt nations. The basic idea of blockchain/distributed ledgers is no…

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On Cryptos

The first name that comes to mind when you think of cryptos is bitcoin, but the cryptos don’t start and end with bitcoin. The core idea of cryptos is distributed ledger, a database transcending proprietary servers. A database is a very boring but essential element of any computer system. The difference here is that the computer systems running on distributed ledgers extend beyond borders in a way that they can…

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It is now banal to call bitcoin the digital gold; however, the truth is far from it. bitcoin is the token used in Bitcoin, the blockchain, to pay transaction fees, and also it is mined by miners everytime they add a new block to the blockchain. Mining of bitcoin is not a necessity to run the blockchain. It is rather a reward for the miners for acting honest. At the…

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My Covid Journey

I tested positive for Covid on 18.04.21. The symptoms started on 14.04.21 evening. I had fever, constipation & diarrhea, upper respiratory tract symptoms, and extreme body ache for five days. Then body ache subsided, but fever continued for two more days. Constipation & diarrhea, and upper respiratory tract symptoms continued. On the seventh day, the fever subsided, I felt pretty normal and thought it’s all over. However, on the night…

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Terrorism Is Better

Elsewhere I have failed to recognise terrorism on more occasions than one; so, do I fail here as well. The use of the word “terrorism” here is a mere reflection on the aspirations of the civilized society as it exists today. Yes, it expects terrorism in some form or the other. Till I am able to satisfy this requirement of the society with another better name, let it be. Of…

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Let’s Do Tandav (Author: Ankur Mutreja)

I have developed pimples in my feet treading on the difficult path of dharma and action. Now my feet tread only on the road less traveled, so let’s do Tandav. I have wept so much that tears have formed a smiling line on my countenance. Now tears on my face only produce laughter, so let’s do Tandav. I have slept more in day dreams than dreamed at night in slumber….