Introduction of Ankur Mutreja

Introduction of Ankur Mutreja

I will keep it simple. I am an Advocate-cum-Writer, practicing in Delhi, India; those interested in availing my advocacy services may please visit Advocacy and Law Practice; & those interested in my writings may please visit Blog and E-Books. If you have come here searching for my blog, don’t waste any time and hop on to Shared @ Ankur Mutreja — lot’s of exciting things happening there — and if you are as concerned about privacy as I am, checkout what I have to speak on it at my blog: For Privacy. However, if you are interested in reading books authored by me, you can download them free by navigating through this link: Books by Ankur Mutreja

Other than that, if you wanna know more about me, please help yourself with my profiles on social networking sites: Linked in ; Google+ ; Facebook ; Twitter. From there, you can connect to me, encircle me, befriend me, follow me and even stalk me, or, better still, just mail me at or give me a buzz at 91-9868893525, and then we will talk.

Also, do checkout my new book Kerala Hugged.

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  1. Paul Schwede | July 23, 2016 at 12:50 am | Reply

    He is a good poet

  2. HI

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