Annapurna Circuit Trek: Fairy Tale of Love with Nature

“Annapurna Circuit Trek: Fairy Tale of Love with Nature” is a compilation of unforgettable memories of my unconsummated love affair with nature. You can call it a travelogue, but it’s more than that. A traveller visits a place and returns, but I have not yet returned. Though my body has pulled my mind towards Delhi, but the memories well crystallized inside the mind are making it wander even now. I…

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My Covid Journey

I tested positive for Covid on 18.04.21. The symptoms started on 14.04.21 evening. I had fever, constipation & diarrhea, upper respiratory tract symptoms, and extreme body ache for five days. Then body ache subsided, but fever continued for two more days. Constipation & diarrhea, and upper respiratory tract symptoms continued. On the seventh day, the fever subsided, I felt pretty normal and thought it’s all over. However, on the night…

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Terrorism Is Better

Elsewhere I have failed to recognise terrorism on more occasions than one; so, do I fail here as well. The use of the word “terrorism” here is a mere reflection on the aspirations of the civilized society as it exists today. Yes, it expects terrorism in some form or the other. Till I am able to satisfy this requirement of the society with another better name, let it be. Of…

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Let’s Do Tandav (Author: Ankur Mutreja)

I have developed pimples in my feet treading on the difficult path of dharma and action. Now my feet tread only on the road less traveled, so let’s do Tandav. I have wept so much that tears have formed a smiling line on my countenance. Now tears on my face only produce laughter, so let’s do Tandav. I have slept more in day dreams than dreamed at night in slumber….

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I Have Work to Do (Author: Ankur Mutreja)

I have work to do. I am born, and I have to make the parents get my birth certificate. I am not a toddler anymore. I have to work hard to join a school. I have grown bigger. I have to workout, build muscles, get a partner and … I did it, but the real work starts now. I have to get a job. I have a job and am…

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Fly Like a Twitter (Author: Ankur Mutreja)

My friend, the sparrow, left after I joined 3G to Twitter. I didn’t recognize the breakup because the sparrow was also a Twitter. On the mountains, she joined again, where there was no Twitter. She was not a Twitter; it was Twitter who made her look like a Twitter. I took a selfie with her and tweeted it to make it known to Twitter. I invited her back home, but…

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Hypersonic Missile, I am (Author: Ankur Mutreja)

Sound, sound, make me sleep. Sleep my baby, I will play you a lullaby. Sound, sound, wake me up. Wake up boy, here is your alarm. Sound, sound, I am going jogging. Wait…I will also rock with you. Sound, sound, I wanna read a book. Ok…I will call nature. Sound, sound, I am going out on dinner. Jazz at my cost, handsome. Sound, sound, I am back home. Sound, sound,…

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Q&A with God (Author: Ankur Mutreja)

Me: Did you have sex before creating the world? God: With Whom? Me: Was there nobody? Why didn’t you create somebody? God: I need nobody. Me: Then why did you create everybody? God: To control. Me: To control what? The world or yourself? God: I don’t need any control. Me: Nobody ever challenged you? God: Who can challenge me? Me: Those whom you created. God: I will kill them if…