Yoga Is Religion, Period

Yoga is religion

Yoga Is Religion
Anybody who says Yoga is not religion is actually b..llsh….ng. Yoga is not just physical exercises. It is very much a Hindu religion with the objective of uniting with the “Divine One” or “Aum”, period. “Divine one” has been defined in abstract terms, whose manifestations are found on the earth in the form of Hindu “Gods” like Krishna, Shiva, Brahma, Ram, etc — there are enough citing in “Bhagvad Gita” where “Lord” Krishna has called himself the “Divine One”. And, all forms of Yoga are also well-defined in the same book. Those practicing “Secular Yoga” replace “Aum” with their own “Gods”, but the fact remains this is a fraudulent and impure form of Yoga because there is neither any concept of the “Divine One” in other religions like Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, etc — Buddhism is rather an atheist religion — nor do these religions leave any scope for direct interaction with the “God”: all interaction is through the messengers/Gurus like Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohd., et al, who are not God themselves. So, the “Secular Yoga” per se is a fraudulent term: either it is Yoga or no Yoga. In fact, what the UN has done is accepted Yoga, which is Hindu Religion, in disguise of it being “Secular Yoga”, which just doesn’t exist.

Exercises in Yoga
The exercises in Yoga are jocular and dangerous; I would rather call “Secular Yoga” exercises as “Couch Potato” exercises, which can be done even in dreams while sleeping. Yoga doesn’t burn any calories, hardly increases strength, and exercises the body for flexibility at a great risk — it’s better to avoid those stupid acrobatic asanas. Yoga exercises are fads for “Page Three” gentry; those really interested in fitness would rather jog, run, or dance.

Meditation In Yoga
The only way to do meditation under Yoga is by concentrating on the “Divine One”, not the job per se — in fact, contrary to popular belief, any job done for the sake of the job per se has been depreciated in “Bhagvad Gita”, which is an authoritative text of Hindu religion. And, this applies across the manifestations of Yoga, whether Bhakti, Karma or Jnana. So, meditation in Yoga is deeply religious, period.

Meditation Per Se
I agree there are meditative methods beyond Yoga, but the term meditation per se is ambiguous. Different people understand it differently. According to scientific tests, in meditation, a person moves from Beta brain wave frequency (awake state) to Alpha brain wave frequency (relaxed state) to Theta brain wave frequency (meditative/dream/mental imagery state) but without entering the Delta brain wave frequency (dreamless sleep state). This is highly unnatural. Resisting the dreamless state (or falling asleep) after entering a dream/mental imagery state is a dog like behaviour, which can cause serious problems in the functioning of the brain if continued as a replacement for proper sleep. In Yoga in specific and meditation in general, there is a belief that this meditative imagery state opens up unknown frontiers of brains thus “realising full potential”. It is an extremely dangerous belief without any scientific basis — it is like Homeopathy and Psychoanalysis, which are nothing but pseudosciences. The danger in practicing meditation is that it can lead to concentrated extinction of brain cells from a particular area of brain leading to neurological problems — in other words, it can turn you ……., and you may start making wild claims of 56 inch chest and crocodile fights.


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