Suspension of Mani Shankar Aiyar Is Puzzling

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The recent suspension of Mani Shankar Aiyar just doesn’t reconcile with the current political scenario. The apparent reason, as stated by Rahul Gandhi, is as incredible as Rahul Gandhi himself. Nobody can suspend a long time loyalist of the family for calling Modi a Neech Aadmi. More confusing is the fact that not even a single voice in the Congress has risen against this suspension. Jaitely claims it to be a strategic suspension. However, by doing so, he also admits, albeit unconsciously, the desperation of BJP in Gujarat.

I am no psephologist. Nor do I like making poll predictions. Rather, after UP elections, I have even stopped making wild guesses. But BJP losing Gujarat elections is so wild a guess that it gives the pleasure of having sex. So, just for the sake of pleasure, let us fantasize, but even then it would be a victory of Hardik Patel’s PAAS, not Congress — Yes, that would be a nice revenge for the Sex CD. In any case, there was no occasion to suspend Mani Shankar Aiyar just because he called names to Modi. Any negative effect of the ill-timed comment was hardly noticeable but for the tweet of Rahul Gandhi. So, in a way, it was Rahul Gandhi, not Modi, who made mountain out of mole. But why, is the question.

(I have held a view that Hardik Patel is a product of the convergence of the AAP politics with some disgruntled members of the BJP. So, I present a conspiracy theory that the Gujarat election, this time, is being fought by the Congress and the AAP together, and many of the soft-Hindutva tools of the political campaign are actually the brainchild of the AAP.)

The dinner at the Aiyar’s was attended by some of the most respectable names in the Congress. Modi’s linking of the dinner to the Neech Aadmi comment can therefore appeal only to people with below par IQ. There is no data on IQ levels of Gujaratis, but I don’t think they are idiots. So, the dinner is puzzling, and so is puzzling the suspension of Mani Shankar Aiyar following the dinner. What actually transpired in the dinner? Was it just a normal courtesy call on a visiting dignitary? Or was it something more than that? If it was something more than that, which in every likelihood it was, where arose the occasion for suspension of Mani Shankar Aiyar all of a sudden. This riddle will be solved only after the election results. (Where is Prashant Kishore these days?)

Whatever, Rahul Gandhi has not proved himself smart by suspending Mani Shankar Aiyar. Let the reason be very pertinent, for too many people, including myself, have raised eyebrows on his competence for the title of the Congress President (unless the Congress is winding up before 2019, and Rahul Gandhi shall be managing the distress sale).

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