Rahul Gandhi and Being Pappu

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To be frank, I found Rahul Gandhi an amenable person till not very long ago, but now when he has decided to project himself for prime minister ship, the fact he is a loser has become prominent. He is an incorrigible loser deserving sympathy but no faith. Of course, a loser can learn and win but only if he does. Rahul Gandhi has not shown any inclination to learn. The 2014 elections were indeed nightmare for the Congress. Rahul Gandhi says he has learned from 2014, but what? What has he done till date to stop Modi juggernaut? Delhi was won by the AAP, and Bihar was won by Lalu-Nitish combine, which combination has now been broken; the fact Nitish is still the CM means it is a failure of the Congress.

Assam was Rahul Gandhi’s best opportunity to show his talent, but he failed badly. I don’t know whether the Congress ever does any self-analysis, but the journalists have done plenty of analysis, and the verdict is unanimous that Rahul Gandhi’s arrogance did it in Assam. The Congress never had any chance in UP. Demonetisation gave them a great opportunity, which they failed to tap completely. In fact, Prashant Kishore had already taken them on a tangent with fancy ideas of the Congress’ Brahmin resurgence. The Congress presence in UP was worse than that in Bihar. Neither do they have organisational capabilities of the Sangh nor do they have the stamina of people like Amit Shah. So, why waste time on non-achievable targets? That too when you have precedent of Bihar alliance in front of you. UP is an unpardonable failure of Rahul Gandhi.

The Congress has won in Punjab, but I wonder how much of it can be contributed to Rahul Gandhi. He rather wanted to project Bajwa in Punjab. It was only through cool and seasoned politician, i.e. Amarinder Singh, the Congress tasted victory in Punjab. Had Congress failed in Punjab, the AAP would have taken them over by now and it would have been the likes of Kejriwal and Kumar Vishwas who would have been enticing Gujaratis. Gujarat again is like UP: almost non-achievable but GST has thrown up an opportunity. But I wonder if Rahul Gandhi would be able to tap this opportunity. The soft-Hindutva approach he has adopted may or may not work, but this approach has raised strong doubts about the Congress per se.

Rajiv Gandhi was the biggest proponent of the soft-Hindutva approach, which makes him the worst prime minister from the Congress stable. But for him, RSS would have been dead by now. He gave them a new lease of life. The duo of Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi obviously started all this soft-Hindutva non-sense. Contrary to popular belief, I believe Indira Gandhi was a very weak woman, who fell back on Gods and tantriks. Mark Tully has rightly qualified her as a procrastinator, who took desperate steps when things went out of hand and accidentally received an aura of a strong woman. I think Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi are dispensable, but Rahul Gandhi is latching onto Indira Gandhi, an autocrat, when he has Nehru, a liberal socialist, to emulate.

Shiv Sena yesterday claimed Rahul Gandhi is a Pappu no more. Well, I like the name Pappu because whenever I have come across a Pappu, I have felt like becoming one. Unfortunately, neither I nor Rahul Gandhi is capable of Being Pappu (nice title for Homi Adjania’s next). So, all those who were calling him Pappu were actually disparaging those who practice innocence sans inhibition — ok, I might have called him a Pappu once or twice on Twitter, but they are just tweets. I think Shiv Sena meant to say Rahul Gandhi has graduated in politics in the last three years. I don’t think so. I don’t see any change except for better Twitter presence. If Twitter is the benchmark, the likes of Nidhi Razdan, Sonu Nigam, Virendar Sehwag can become better PMs — I recall Sonu Nigam has left Twitter; we have lost a to-be PM. Ok, he has also publicly adorned an Aidiko black belt. Aidiko believes in protecting the attacker as well. Truly Gandhian! I would suggest Rahul Gandhi to become a real Pappu than adorning a 56″ Gandhian black belt (pun intended) because it would be a nice change to have a Pappu as prime minister, but of course only if he can.

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