Karnataka Elections’ Ramification for Left

Karnataka Elections' Ramification for Left

The tweet by the Kerala tourism inviting Karnataka MLAs to Kochi resorts was witty indeed, but was it just witty or more than that? Kerala tourism deleted the tweet subsequently. Why? Some regional newspaper say the tweet was criticised as being in bad taste. I doubt it. All I know it garnered 10,000+ likes. Anyways, soon the Kochi resorts did become the political destinations of last resort. However, the bus change its route abruptly to Hyderabad, as it seems lured by Mamta Banerjee. Many a times I get lured into boarding the metro to Connaught Place when my destination should normally be Preet Vihar: I wish it were Pretty Vihar instead. But I don’t think Kumaraswamy has such p(r)etty problems: her wife is quite pretty. So, the reason has to be found elsewhere.

The Left is on a downward slide since eternity now. All its Bengali voters seem to be shifting towards BJP. However, Mamta Banerjee’s issues with the Left transcends politics. I don’t see the two of them coming together ever. The Left has stronger presence amongst regional players and has been able to thwart Mamta Banerjee’s attempts to forge regional alliances in the past. But things are different this time. Mamta Banerjee has been pro-active in talking to regional players: Kejriwal, Lalu, Akhilesh, KCR, et al. Mayawati has now forged an alliance with Akhilesh; so, it was easy for Kumaraswamy, Mayawati’s partner, to tilt towards Mamta. In any case, any prudent politician would have done it. Except for Kejriwal, I don’t think any other regional party would now accommodate Left at the cost of Mamta.

But why Kejriwal? Well…my reason is cynical. I think Kejriwal & Co. is the agent of the US led corporates, who strongly favour Sanghi ideology, and was set up with a specific purpose of first defeating the Congress and secondly destroying socialism. Of course, AAPians are closet Sanghis. The best way to eliminate an ideology is to make it redundant. When people stop seeing any difference between Sanghism and Socialism, as is the case with the AAP, you obviously don’t care much if the two merge together under some umbrella ideology. And the umbrella ideology is nothing but tweaked Sanghism. I have a strong apprehension that the Left along with AAP may enter into some kind of subtle understanding with Sanghis in 2019 unless Socialism of the Left is resilient enough: JNU communism is not.

So, this is the ramification of the Karnataka elections for the Left. They have three choices before them for 2019: 1. Forge a pre-poll alliance with the Congress; 2. Enter into a subtle understanding with the Sanghis; 3. Forget about 2019 and concentrate on 2024 by emerging as a third alternative grounded in strong dalit, labour, peasants and literati (not twitterati) electorate. Going by the present trend, I see them opting for the second option especially because they have started supporting AAP blindly in everything, good or bad, and have started emulating them to gain media attention without understanding AAP got it because they are the agents of the corporate.

Just for record, in Delhi district courts, where the Left has negligible presence, the Left is often seen collaborating with the Sanghis. However, let me warn I am a loner and don’t talk gossip, so I might have very well misintrepreted the case. I hope so because I would very much like to be a good writer, which certainly can’t happen in the prevalent atmosphere of dominant Sanghism, where shouting “dus ka sau” is considered more honourable than reading and writing books.

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