Nidhi Razdan Is the Gajendra Chauhan of TV Anchoring

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Disclaimer: I have been blocked by Nidhi Razdan on FB for reasons unknown, but that was long back.

Comment Dt. 06.10.1015
I thought I wouldn’t comment anymore on this. But, she just doesn’t know the basics. She gets free security, free perks, advantageous access to influential government persons, and many more benefits from the government for being an accredited journalist with the GoI, but still claims she is not a public servant. What irresponsibility! Incredible!

Comment Dt. 21.09.2015
Well…I think I have been unfair and harsh in this post. Earlier, I had written a post analyzing anchors. I made it private. I am making it public again. Another post on anchors and, yet another, made private recently, has also been made public again.

Comment Dt. 20.08.2015
The immediate reason for writing this piece is today’s show of LRC on FTII. The show started with an opening from an FTII student Yashashvi Mishra. I think he was very articluate and well acquainted with the facts of the case. Other panelists on the show were Ashutosh from AAP, an RSS ideologue Rakesh Sinha, the BJP spokesperson Sanjay Kaul, and a journalist Ashok Malik, whom I have often found taking sides in favour of the BJP; at the end of the show, Anand Patwardan, the film maker also joined, but he was lost in his own world. As is usual with BJP, they sabotage the shows, raise irrelevant issues, interrupt speakers and make personal attacks, which they were indeed doing today as well. I have found Ashutosh to be one of the worst spokesperson in AAP (also AAP has some really good spokespersons, so he is a bit unlucky that way); anyways, AAP’s proposal for running FTII classes in Delhi is non-sense. So, for all practical purposes, Yashashvi Mishra was answering the whole of the BJP/RSS brigade all alone, that too when Sanjay Kaul and Rakesh Sinha were sitting in the studio. And what this …… did! Well…she switched off the mike of Yashashvi Mishra and didn’t let him speak anything for the rest of the debate after a few introductory remarks and interjections. My advice to Yashashvi Mishra and his ilk: next time this female calls you on her show, fly down to Delhi and give her a tight slap on face in the middle of the show — don’t worry, it won’t be sexual assault but a non-cognizable offence; you won’t be arrested. And when you go back home, give the same treatment to Gajendra Chauhan; yes, this time you might be arrested.

Now coming to Nidhi Razdan. Well…it won’t be wrong that sometimes she does select very good topics for discussions, but that’s only sometimes (all I can remember, I once sent her a message asking her to concentrate more on human rights issues and get back her hairs, but of course she didn’t like it and blocked me; I did think of filing an RTI application with the PIB on this issue, but then lost interest). At all other times, her selection is as bad as in other shows; and here is where comes the comparison with other anchors. I think she is grossly incompetent when compared to people like Rajdeep Sardesai, Arnab Goswami, Karan Thapar, Sreenivasan Jain, Barkha Dutt, or even newbies like Zakka Jacob and Palki Sharma. In past also, I wrote about her negatively, but then I made it private thinking what’s the point attacking someone, but now I have changed my mind and am making it public again for her incompetence is not innocent; check out the post here.

I think NDTV is carrying a huge burden of this lady. Some people say she has strong links with the Congress, but I doubt. Like Barkha Dutt, she is also an opportunist and basically a corporate proxy, who is now eagerly waiting to turn around to BJP like her other friends (read Rana Ayub). All this makes me believe that NDTV is indeed being stage managed by Mukesh Ambani. This “trust” is certainly betrayed.

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