Is Calling Pakistan a Terrorist a Conspiracy!

India’s MEA has recently called Pakistan a terrorist state in the UN address. Indian PM as well as the MEA have also admitted that “Terrorism” is not yet defined. I personally feel MEA has made an extremely irresponsible statement, and the PM’s endorsement of the same shows the conspiracy at the highest level. The conspiracy is to shift from the neutral diplomatic orientation of India to a pro-US orientation. I am calling it a conspiracy because this pro-US orientation is not a deliberated and a well-orchestrated diplomatic stand of India involving all stake holders. The conspiracy is to move India into a corner space where it will have no other option but to adopt a pro-US orientation. Let me elaborate it.

India and Pakistan at present are not warring nations. Pakistan has not yet made any claims of dishonoring India’s sovereignty by carrying out pre-emptive or hot pursuit strikes in India — though the Indian junior I&B minister has been suggesting such strikes against Pakistan. However, the MEA has actually attacked Pakistan’s sovereignty by calling it a terrorist in an international forum of high repute. I don’t think any sovereign can so casually be termed as a terrorist, that too when it is not an enemy country and the word “Terrorism” per se is undefined and carries highly negative connotations. I think the MEA’s speech was abusive and violent. In fact, I would go to the extent of calling the MEA and the PM as offenders u/s 125 IPC.

However, the ramifications just don’t end here¬† The context of the UN address is also the recent, failed NSA level talks between India and Pakistan. The talks between India and Pakistan are extremely necessary to maintain peace not only in Kashmir but also across India, for the Muslims in India have indeed started feeling alienated in the changed paradigm. In this, if the MEA makes such an irresponsible statement, and the PM endorses it, it can be construed as an attempt to deliberately shut talks with Pakistan, leaving it morally free to help Indian Muslims’ fight against a percieved hostile GOI. Till now Pakistan has not taken offense of the magnitude expected, for the reasons unknown, but the option is not closed and can be exercised.

So, why did MEA do such a thing? I come back to my earlier argument of conspiracy. It is well known that China and Russia are now favouring Pakistan over India. At global level, Russia seems to be entering into a high level conflict with the US, which can once again lead to polarisation of the world into two strong military powers. India itself is a strong military power, but has remained historically non-aligned. But, the escalated conflict with Pakistan will force India to join the group led by the USA. India shall never make such a choice unless forced. The acts of the MEA and the PM are a conspiracy to apply this unwanted force on India, which in a way are treacherous acts.

I don’t know what should be the punishment for this, but certainly the duo of the current MEA and the current PM have lost all right to remain in office.

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