I Support State Intervention in Pornography

1. Pornography doesn’t induce rapes; if at all, it may reduce rapes for people would then masturbate; but, in general, it is irrelevant, repetitive and boring.
2. Pornography generally caters to males, treating females as sex objects; therefore, I don’t see why females should support it unless they have hidden desires to be sex objects.
3. Pornography industry is exploitative and operates like mafia and has close connections with prostitution industry and drug trafficking. Child pornography is obviously exploitative. But, the biggest threats are furtively or forcefully created videos of unwilling victims.
4. On the internet, pornography has moved over from being a specialization to being a hobby because of ease of production and hardly any quality expectations.
5. The only age when pornography can serve any useful educational purpose is during late childhood and early teenage. Anybody watching pornography thereafter on a regular basis needs medical/psychological support.
6. It is next to impossible to ban pornography on the internet unless the internet itself is banned.
7. Private viewing of pornographing videos and public display of censor approved adult movies is not illegal.
8. Of course, I have watched pornography that too when there was no internet, but not as a habit, and have no compunction in watching it even now.
9. Pornography is a serious threat to enjoying sex for it short cuts enjoyment.
10. Reading erotica is far better than watching pornography, but people don’t like reading much; so, pornography is here to stay. I think pornographic cartoon videos is a brilliant idea.
11. State intervention in checking pornography can help, but assumption is that the State will apply mind.
12. I support State intervention only because I would never like to be seen in any pornographic videos; and nor would I ever like any of my friends, relatives, near and dear ones, to be seen in any pornogrphic videos.

Clarification Dt. 19.08.2015: Pornography can also serve educational purpose for people like Mulayam, who still don’t know what are gang rapes, but I don’t think he will understand unless it’s practical — but ban that pornographic video even before someone thinks of releasing it; Mulayam…no, no way.

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