Helping the Naxals in Reference Demonetization!

Helping the Naxals in reference demonetization

I am writing this article at 2.30 AM in the morning, that too when I am feeling extremely drowsy. Indeed, I am helping the Naxals in reference demonetization in this article. The reason is that the present demonetization exercise of this government is so pervert that there is no option except to help outlaws. All political parties are supporting the present government knowing well enough that the black money generated out of this government will be used for recapitalization of banks, who are running NPAs of 6 lakh crores. Of course, the banks would wipe out their NPAs — in fact, they have already wiped out half of it, and this black money will be used for nothing else but recapitalization of banks, who must have become bankrupt by now.

It is being said that Naxals have around Rs. 7,500/- crores burried under the earth in 500 and 1000 Rs notes. May be it is true or may be it is not, but they definitely seem to be having lots of cash. Of course, they don’t have access to the same means which are available to the black marketeers even now. So, what can they do with this money. I have the following options:

1. Give the cash to the poor; so that they may stop chanting Modi.

2. Give the cash to Mafia operating within the cities and develop brand value amongst the bad but very useful elements of the society.

3. Give the cash to activists, especially those whose foreign funding has been banned. This might generate the best brand value.

4. Give the cash to small time publishers and writers, who can then write in their favor (I have no funding from Naxals).

5. Give the cash to legal aid groups and lawyers, who can then fight cases of poor tribals apprehended as Naxals. (Once again I have no funding from Naxals)

6. Give the cash to martial artists, who can then train civilians. Will come handy if there is any civil war.

7. Give the cash to Dalits, so that they can fight the Brahmins.

8. Give the cash to artists, who can sing songs and act street plays in their favor.

9. Give the cash to academicians and intellectual, who can then publish their opinions in their favour.

I think the cash has fallen short because they are already doing all these things. They are not dumb after all. The only dumbsters in this country are common men, who believe everything that these politicians puke. No, I am afraid of being a commoner now.

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