FIR against All India Bakchod: Potty Training Recommended

FIR against All India Bakchod


As per the news reports, an FIR against All India Bakchod (AIB) books them u/s 67 IT Act read with s. 500 IPC for tweeting a meme showing Modi look-alike in one frame and Modi with the Snapchat Dog Filter in another, with the caption Wanderlust (see the featured image). Section 500 IPC deals with defamation, which per se is a non-cognizable offence; however, s. 67 IT Act, which deals with publication of obscene content in electronic form, is a cognizable offence. So, an FIR has been filed against AIB under s. 154 CrPC r/w s. 155 CrPC for offences under s. 67 IT Act r/w s. 500 IPC. Snapchat Dog Filter per se has nothing obscene about it. However, the drooping down tongue when the mouth is opened suggests promiscuity, which can be seen as obscene by many — though personally I feel there is nothing obscene in being promiscuous or in displaying promiscuity. The image used by AIB actually doesn’t show the tongue, so it can’t be called obscene on any account. So, why on earth should AIB delete the meme tweet? Before answering this question, let me first analyse the humour content of the tweet.


Humor Content of the Tweet

The tweet is devoid of any humour whatsoever. I don’t see how putting Snapchat Dog Filter on Modi’s face makes anything funny. Wanderlust! Are you suggesting Modi’s foreign trips are essentially a tool to satisfy his lust? i.e., are you suggesting Modi is essentially a promiscuous person? If these are the suggestions, they are indeed defamatory though not obscene, but since defamation is a non-cognizable offence and police has no jurisdiction to suo-moto investigate non-cognizable offences, you are saved: I don’t think the PM of a country will have any time to file a defamation complaint against ‘All India Bakchod’ — though the FM has chosen to do it against Kejriwal in a different context. Anyways, this suggestion would have been funny if it was at all evident. From the tweet, all one can infer is some below-par failed attempt at humour by some wannabe comedians, who are just trying too very hard to make their presence felt. The tweet is rather insensitive. A commoner casually awaits at a railway station and you reproduce him with a Modi face in a meme tweet without thinking even once that not many people like to associate with Modi. Did you take permission from that gentleman before associating him with Modi?


AIB Lacks Guts

If AIB had just withdrawn the tweet admitting that it wasn’t funny enough, it would have been graceful. They have rather deleted the tweet out of desperate fear of prosecution, which shows they lack even elementary legal acumen. What worse, they don’t even take legal advice. Rather, they are afraid of spending money on legal matters. In fact, they claim themselves to be very popular, which has made them vulnerable to legal prosecutions with a legal bill of Rs. 1 crore. So, they would retract the tweet. Now what! There is still an FIR. Retracting of tweet rather tantamount to admission of guilt, especially when you end your tweet-war with a declaration that you will keep retracting your tweets and apologising thereof if necessary, suggesting thereby that you have apologised in this matter as well by retracting the tweet. Who gave you the advice to withdraw the tweet? I really can’t blame the police to have filed the FIR when they have a clear admission before them. Humour is a serious business. It is not for those who have no fortitude and courage to face adversities. This way no cartoonist would have ever produced a cartoon. I think AIB needs to apologize for retracting the tweet or else admit that the tweet was a failed attempt at humour and anyways needed to be retracted. Recently, I have boycotted NDTV when they showed similar lack of guts though in far more desperate circumstances. Now I am boycotting AIB; however, it may not be construed that I am comparing AIB with NDTV; AIB is rather expendable.


Was This a Publicity Stunt!

I have a serious doubt that it was all an attempt at garnering eyeballs, where they have indeed succeeded. This blog post per se is the proof of their success. But this shows the present state of our media. Millions of FIRs must be getting filed everyday against innocent victims of law. Does anybody ever cares? Then why this extra indulgence with AIB? What astonishes is that this issue has been taken up not only by Indian media but also by Uncle Sam’s media. AIB looks like a spoilt brat of Uncle Sam, whose every single howl reverberates through the walls of the Wall Street. Uncle Sam: Get them a nanny, who should give them potty training, which will save lots of media space; or better still, let them spend some time in Byculla jail, wherein they can also study law along with potty training in shit-filled latrines; so, when they come out, they have better guts and sensibility to crack jokes.


The Troll Poem!

I know this post would soon be termed a troll post; so, let me as well end it with a flourish:
Barking, Barking. Yes Papa!
Making Memes. Yes Papa!
Drooling Tongues. Yes Papa!
FIR Filed. Yes Papa!
Crying Baby. Yes Papa!
Going Jail. No Papa! No Papa! Oaa, Oaa! Oaa, Oaa! 😭

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