Demonetization: For Me, it Ends in a Dead Modi!

Demonetization: For Me, it Ends in a Dead Modi!

I am late in writing this article. There are two reasons for it. First, I have been working on promotion of my soon-to-be-published e-book Kerala Hugged. Secondly, this exercise has been carried out with such audacious arbitrariness and has been accepted by people with such servile meekness that I am overwhelmed by the stupidity of men. This operation has brought in so much of darkness that it feels scary to even enlighten people anymore. Even now I am not sure how to start and end this article. The level of frustration is such that the part of the brain which thinks and analyzes has just stopped responding, and the emotions are running like juggernaut shredding everything else on the way. Thankfully, the direction of my emotions leads towards the death of Modi, for a sizeable number even now can’t stop adulating Modi, tilting the balance fully and finally in favour of arbitrariness and dictatorship. Is there any point even trying to explain them the truth behind the exercise? Can a thinking mind even survive such a mayhem? Will these people stop adulating Modi even on the death-bed?

Thankfully, I have been writing notes from time-to-time in my blog entry “In Re: Demonetization of Currency Notes“, which I can read to direct my mind towards rational thinking. And after reading them, the overwhelming rational question in my mind is what is this government going to do with the black money recovered from this operation, which in the government’s hand would obviously be the white public money. And the biggest apprehension I have is that this white money would be used for the recapitalization of banks, who have huge NPAs created by the filthy corporates. Nobody is asking this question in the parliament. No journalist has posed this question to the government. No economist has raised any eyebrows. No biggies like RG, Mamata Banerjee, Kejriwal, et al, have raised this question in the public. Why? Is there a conspiracy in this silence? First and foremost, I don’t only want an answer but an assurance in the form of a law from the parliament that not a single penny of the black money, which in the government’s hand is the white money of the public, would be used for the recapitalization of banks.

The second question that comes to my mind is why nobody; politicians, terrorists, mafia; has exploited this opportunity to cause riots. Are our intelligence agencies so superior that they won’t allow a riot to occur? Riots in Muzaffar Nagar, Meerut, Gujarat, Delhi, Mumbai, Bhagalpur, Moradabad, etc, don’t give me such a confidence. Or is it that the people riot only for religion? They just don’t know how to fight for their rights? Whatever, no riots prove one thing for sure that the terrorism threat is all made up: these long queues outside ATMs and Banks was an opportunity on a platter for the “terrorists”, and the fact they have not exploited it proves that the “God” is the only “terrorist” in India. Secondly, it also makes me believe in the conspiracy theories which blame all rioting on Brahaminists, who they say deliberately create riots to keep themselves afloat above the masses. Of course, the Brahminists won’t create problems for Modi and the BJP. Thirdly, it makes me believe that the opposition is hand in gloves with the government, for there has been at least one riot in which the Congress had a direct hand — though it’s a different matter that the Congress is a Brahaminist party too, albeit with a different Kashmiri set up.

Thirdly, I am flabbergasted and deeply enraged at the patience of the people. They are standing in queues for hours together for getting their own money that too in tranches, and yet they are backing this operation. None of them has even the slightest knowledge of finance or banking, yet they would wax eloquent on parallel economy and black money, while chanting Modi, Modi. However stupid a person may be, at least on the death bed he becomes wiser, but Indians are even defying that. The seventy deaths have taken place in these long queues only, but nobody has questioned even once the validity of these queues. Rather the government has each day introduced an even more difficult condition, but the people have accepted every arbitrariness with folded hands. Is India a zombie nation? 

Well…I think India is just that, a zombie nation. The problem with India is that it is the fountain head of pain and suffering. All religions that have originated from this land have taught people to suffer, whether be it Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism or Jainism. They would ask you to avoid food, avoid flesh, avoid sleep, avoid any pleasure whatsoever, and the Indians would suffer it wholeheartedly. I think Indians enjoy pain and suffering, which is alarming. It is alarming because this makes them a pet target for guinea pig experiments of the Western World, who themselves enjoy all pleasures of life while practicing racial discrimination. In fact this is not only alarming but also scary because this operation more than anything else has clearly exposed the suitability of Indians for guinea pig experiments, which all foreign intelligence agencies would be watching with keen interest. If there is any threat to national security, this is it. And the way out of this now is the dog like death of Modi by the enlightened people. The elites have a duty to perform — though I wonder they will ever rise to the occasion. Ironically, both emotions and rationals have made me reach the same conclusion: For me, the demonetization ends in a Dead Modi. 

P.S. “Bhakts”: the “Dead Modi” above is figurative.

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