With AAP+TMC+Left, Congress Will Have to Vanish

Congress will have to vanish

In another of my blog, I have come out with a conspiracy theory that the recent election results were all manipulated by powerhouses including the corporate, the intelligence, the corporate media, and the two big political parties, the BJP and the Congress. Narendra Modi was on the verge of debacle and exit. Thereafter, his only home would have been jail, which he fully deserves. But the same has not happened courtesy the corporate and the White House.

The two big parties, the Congress and the BJP, have conspired and manipulated the results through EVMs to neutralize the regional players. It serves their purpose and they anyways neutralize regional players as a matter of course. But this time the Congress has faltered very badly. They were slowly rising after a major defeat in 2014 courtesy the alliances with regional parties. Had this trend continued, they would have formed the government in 2019 with the help of the regional players or would have supported the regional players to form the government. But they wanted more. They wanted to retain their national party status at any cost and were not ready for a competition or even an alliance with a front comprising regional players.

The situation as it has emerged after the UP elections clearly indicates another term for Modi, which would be disastrous. He has already caused irretrievable damage to the cultural as well as the economic fabric of India. Any more damage would completely destroy this country — I would not hesitate to call him an agent of the USA; in fact, the main agenda of the BJP is to establish such a system in India, which would correspond to the US system, in which the corporate rule.

The three big regional players who will have to now join hands together are the AAP, the TMC, and the Left. They don’t have a choice otherwise. But there are plenty of problems in such a combination. First, the AAP is not trustworthy. They tilt too very much towards the Right too pretty often. Further, their attraction towards the NRIs is well known. And all NRIs live in either the US, the UK, or Canada. Moreover, Swaraj India, the party floated by Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav, has the ability to provide much better alternative though nowhere in any near term: the best for the AAP would be to negotiate with Swaraj India and fight the Delhi MCD elections together. Secondly, it is highly unlikely that the Left and the TMC would ever come together on the same platform, but this is what is precisely required. The Left still has a substantial vote share of 25% in WB. I don’t know how it can be compromised, but some kind of compromise in WB is necessary, and the politicians are capable of entering any compromise when the time demands. Thirdly, though both TMC and the Left search for alliances with regional players, the Left bend a bit too much. And that’s probably one of the reasons it has not grown in India. They just can’t keep forging alliances with all kind of parties. Their core strength is limited to just three states, but they try projecting it nationally by forging alliances. It just doesn’t work that way. They will have to learn to choose their alliance partners. The AAP is much better that way.

Whatever, if the parochial interests are ignored, I can see a clear national alliance in AAP+TMC+Left, which can dare to take upon the Modi juggernaut in 2019. Of course, this will lead to complete annihilation of the Congress, but the Congress deserves it esp. after what they did in the recent election results.

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