Baba Ramdev’s ‘new fan’ Lalu Yadav says people are jealous of Yoga guru | Zee News

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Baba Ramdev is the proponent of Hindu philosophy of Yoga — though I doubt he understands it fully well. Except for Carvaka (Materialism) and old Confusicianism, all oriental philosophies find their roots somehow or the other in Vedanta — Buddhism is mostly Vedanta, except for the “Middle Path”, which is basically an avoidance of answering the question of Metaphysics, i.e. the source of creation; and the new Confucisianism is majorly influenced by Buddhism. Yoga is of course an outgrowth of Vedanta. And what Baba Ramdev is doing is obviously Carvaka philosophy, which Brahmans hated so much that even in Buddhism, it has only been criticized — and, interestingly, there is no independent writing on Carvaka philosophy.

Nevertheless, in the present times, the relevance of philosophy per se is limited to just Metaphysics; rest all has been taken over by science. The root question of Metaphysics; i.e., who created everything; is directly related to the question whether Mind has any independent source of operation beyond its experiences. If yes, that source is God. If not, there is no God. Science has not answered this question yet. And if and when science answers this question, at least some men would have been tortured so much as guinea pigs that they will start believing in God irrespective of the answer science may offer.

Coming to the present context, Baba Ramdev is obviously a fake. No Hindu/Brahminical philosophy, whatsoever, allows materialism. Rather, almost all of them prescribe extreme stoicism for the elites. Neither Baba Ramdev, Ravi Shankar nor Modi have anything to do with stoicism. Anyways, I don’t have any problem with it. My problem is with the basic philosophy of Vedanta which obviously find the source of creation in God, not individual. Basically, Vedanta relegates an individual to a robot working for and at the will of the God. This thought per se is abhorrent. Politicians and all those who want to rule over individuals for obvious reasons would like to believe in God: it is the easiest way to maintain order amongst servants. Communists, who actually believed in anarchy, couldn’t move beyond the autocracy of Stalin, and which obviously couldn’t take over the God.

Lalu Prasad Yadav is a non-entity in the world of philosophy or intelligentsia. He is an opportunist politician, plain and simple. So, if he promotes Baba Ramdev, it neither surprises me nor bothers me. For me, he is nothing more than an entertainer. I don’t vote, and I switch off my TV when I get bored or riled. Today, I am having headache, therefore I am not reading a book, but this stupid news — and now the headache has increased further; curse Lalu Yadav and Ramdev.

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