BJP/RSS Are Not Welcomed!

I will have to admit most of my relatives, including my parents, are supporters of RSS/BJP — though I am estranged from my parents for more than a decade now and am not close to any other relatives otherwise, and one of the reasons for this is also their proximity to RSS/BJP. I am not sure but whatever friends I made in school and colleges — though none of them is a friend now — would also mostly be supporting RSS/BJP. In fact, till college I never ever worried about political parties. However, I have suffered so much at the hands of RSS/BJP for the last 11 years in Delhi, and at the hands of Shiv Sena before that in Bombay that I have developed extreme hatred for RSS/BJP and am now committed to Sangh Mukt Bharat, though without joining active politics. But, thankfully, even now I am politically neutral. Hatred for RSS/BJP has not drawn me towards Congress, Left, AAP or any other political group. At the same time, I don’t even try to find out the political affiliations of my clients before accepting briefs because that’s unprofessional as well as against law.

I make very few decisions, but once I make them, I don’t change them, may happen whatever. Some of the important decisions I have made: No salaried job ever, private or government; Estrangement from parents; Sangh Mukt Bharat; No marriage/GF if just for sex; No drugs (not even smoking); Shift of focus from Finance to Human Rights.

Well, this was necessary to give appropriate hints to those who keep trying as I don’t block or ignore anybody just for his/her affiliation to RSS/BJP — most of the time I won’t even know.

P.S. My hatred for the forces (Police, Military, Intelligence, etc) and one particular corporate, i.e. ICICI, is more than that for BJP/RSS. If you are one of them, don’t even think of trying. Yes, I might block/ignore you.

P.S. The decision of “no marriage/GF if only for sex” is modified to “no marriage only friend/s” after writing this post.

P.S. I may not block/ignore BJP supporters, but now I have actively started ignoring Modi supporters irresepctive of whether they are from BJP or not. Though I may still not block them.

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