Table No. 21

Table no. 21 is a movie with an attitude. I have never before seen a movie leaving a social message with such an impact. Undoubtedly, this is a revenge movie (oops I have given it away, but can’t help it), but the revenge is intriguing and also amazingly entertaining — there are moments in the movie which will bring anybody on the edge of the seat. If it were a 3D movie, many would have ended up hitting Paresh Rawal, but, in the end, you don’t know whom to hit, so you take the social message home; and that’s the attitude of the movie.

I don’t think a genre can be defined for these kinds of movies; it falls in the category of “Zinda”, “Kidnap”, etc., but it, undoubtedly, is the best of the lot — actually none of the above movies stand anywhere near it. The highlight of the movie is the presence and acting of Paresh Rawal, but Rajeev Khandelwal is also superb: his acting is effortless; why is he not amongst the highest paid? The surprise packets are the songs, which are all very well composed especially the one starting with an English introduction. Is it a family movie? Yes, it is — I have never worried about this aspect before, but, today, I heard a few youngsters cribbing about the movies which can’t be watched with the family; so, well, they can also watch it, but, I still wonder who wanna watch movies with the family these days!

I think the movie is a must watch for the students studying Engineering, Medicine, Commerce, Science and ARCHITECTURE.

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