I think the long wait for Sonam Kapoor is over. This movie is brashly real; the soul of the movie is the passionate love, and that reality has never been lost. Dhanush has done the unimaginable. Half way down the movie, I had a feeling that Dhanush will die an ordinary death. But, not really! The movie ends with a new life of vigor — I am certainly waiting for Dhanush to fall in love again.

The story wanders in various landscapes; the childhood naughtiness, the adolescent brashness, and the energetic youth shortened by the death in politics — I am a believer that youth can be extended forever, but what can one do if the youth has no mood to extend itself! A loser can always win in politics: That’s portrayed pretty well in the movie, and, of course, the death was by choice as the loser had won the internal battle. “Ranjish hi Sahi”, the famous gazal, has come alive in this movie; and that’s very true: A lover keeps looking for opportunities hoping against hope to consummate “love” someday. It’s just that, in the movie, the hope led to the discovery of integrity, but still no “love” — a smile without murmurs is inconsequential at times.

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