Ab Tak Chappan 2

This is a story of encounter cops, who don’t have to account for bullets. Whether such cops and bullets exist is not known to me, but since the movie starts with a disclaimer that it is a work of fiction, I am ready to enjoy it as such — though I don’t think Daya Nayak has been thanked for editorial inputs.

Even last time, I couldn’t consume a big gangster talking to a lowly cop, but this time the armchair gangster is even rendering IT consultancy to the cop. Nevertheless, the periodical pep talks between the gangster and the cop are the most entertaining. As usual, the encounter cop is killing the lowly gangsters at will at command of his political bosses, who, as usual, are befooling the encounter cop for their own political gains. And a pretty journalist with picture perfect body is running around collecting evidence for her book — but I will have to admit her presence has never been more noticeable than now; is it AAP effect?

However, even then the movie is entertaining. Nana Patekar has a slick spat dialogue delivery, which entertains and keeps you engaged, and also he has appeared on the screen after a long gap; so, his acting is unmissable. The team interactions during, before and after the encounters are engaging, especially the spats between Nana Patekar and Ashutosh Rana, in which Nana Patekar would obviously win. I didn’t hear any song in the movie: were there any? First, the son was playing piano and the father was cooking; then the father started hitting bullets; in return, the gangsters hit the son; and then the father started playing piano; and then he killed the politician; no…they didn’t sing and the pretty journalists had already danced enough on “Paanch Saal Kejriwal”; so, yes, there were no songs in the movie — anyways, even if they were there, I am not watching the movie again to discover them.

Though I am not even trying to deduce any morals from the movie, but the climax is better than last time — this time he killed the politician and willingly accepted life imprisonment, so no more unaccounted bullets.

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