On News Anchors

Here is my review of the news anchors:
Barkha Dutt: Clever, Fluent, Polished, Dominating, Physical.
Rajdeep Sardesai: Defensive, Swift, Fluent, Intelligent, Artful.
Karan Thapar: Bossy, Dogmatic, Disciplined, Articulate, Insulting.
Arnab Goswami: Aggressive, Insulting, Clever, Abrupt,Opinionated.
Nidhi Razdan: Smooth, Smiling, Sharp, Gesturing, Assertive.
Sonia Singh: Soft Spoken, Assertive, Unobtrusive, Intelligent, Laid Back.
Sagarika Ghosh: Lost, Defensive, Crude, Appeasing, Make Up.
Vikram Chandra: Smiling, Polished, Intelligent, Fluent, Laid Back.

Others, I have not watched enough to make an opinion.

Note: I have a slight bias towards Nidhi Razdan.

Comment Dt. 03.05.2017: I wrote this 4 yrs back. Things have changed a lot since then. I might have better things to say about Sagarika Ghosh now; may include Padmaja Joshi, Natasha Jog, Srineevasan Jain, Palki Sharma, Vishnu Som, Zakka Jacobet al, in the list; and certainly won’t have any bias now (thought of using the adjective Catty in preference to everything else for Nidhi Razdan, but didn’t; however, did put a note/disclaimer). But since now I have stopped watching news debates altogether, no modification in the above.

Note: I have never had any one-to-one interaction with any of the above mentioned names (not even on social media).


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