I Am Indeed Anti-National

(#AntiNationalism #AntiNationalHumanist) (Note: This blog was published on 30.10.2015) The nations exists to segregate one class of people from another. There are indeed instances of dual and multiple nationality existing within the same country, and also there are examples of the same nationality spread over more than one country. Mostly, the nationality is decided on the basis of language, but there are examples like India where multiple languages are spoken…

Demonetization: For Me, it Ends in a Dead Modi!

Demonetization: For Me, it Ends in a Dead Modi!

I am late in writing this article. There are two reasons for it. First, I have been working on promotion of my soon-to-be-published e-book Kerala Hugged. Secondly, this exercise has been carried out with such audacious arbitrariness and has been accepted by people with such servile meekness that I am overwhelmed by the stupidity of men. This operation has brought in so much of darkness that it feels scary to even enlighten…