Supreme Court ruling that soldiers have the right to life even in war zones will have major ramifications for MoD | The Independent

My Comment: The above is an old news item, but I am sharing it in the context of the URI attack. Mere reading of the caption would make one believe that human rights of the Indian soldiers have been violated in URI by the “terrorists”. I don’t recognize the term “terrorist”. This is a plain simple propaganda of the state forces to influence the citizinery towards themselves and against the rebels and the enemy forces: To me, the state forces are bigger terrorists, for they have far better resources to inflict terror. However, what is interesting in the above article is the fact that the responsibility for ensuring human rights of the soldiers lies with the army itself by ensuring that the soldiers when sent to war are properly prepared and well-equipped. I have been watching lots of news debates for the last two days on this. All they are discussing is the prospective retaliatory action of the Indian Army. I think none except Omar Abdullah has even raised questions about the ill preparedness of the Indian Army — interestingly, his remarks have been ignored even on a channel like NDTV, where both Barkha Dutt and Nidhi Razdan seem to be pretty close to him socially. BTW, unlike in the UK, the Indian Armymen have no human right protection against the State. In fact, they have to compulsorily relinquish their Right to Life by law. Of course, Indian Judiciary is not potent enough to rule on this on similar lines as the UK Supreme Court has done. Moreover, I wonder who will ever raise this issue in the mainstream media, where channels like India Today are even listing out retaliatory option for India against Pakistan, and, amusingly, ex-army generals are even debating them on the national media. I seriously wonder what kind of incompetence perpetrates Indian Army, which is so very sincerely shielded by Indian Media. 

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