Payal Abdullah’s claim on bungalow wholly illegal, says Delhi High Court | The Indian Express

My Comment: I think Omar Abdullah’s domestic issues have ceased to be private. His wife/ex-wife (even this is not clear) claims right to residence in a government bungalow allotted to Omar Abdullah way back in 1999 when he joined the Vajpayee government. Payal Abdullah’s claim to reside in the bungalow is based on security threats to herself and her children. Omar Abdullah has taken a public stance that Payal Abdullah is estranged from him and he has nothing to do with the occupation of the bungalow. Now, of course, she has failed to convince the HC and has been evicted and the premises has been sealed — which was inevitable: which court can grant right to residence on security grounds; the cause should be more serious like that of medical grounds in case of Jaswant Singh. What I am interested in knowing is when this seal will be removed? Will it be removed only after litigations finally come to an end? Or will the premises be allotted to a new occupant immediately? Of course, Payal Abdullah would move the SC immediately against her eviction. If no body can occupy this premises till the litigations fully and finally come to an end at the door of the SC, there was no need to show such urgency in evicting her because anyways the premises will remain vacant till then. Rather, I think the HC itself could have passed a status quo order for a small specified period to enable Payal Abdullah to prefer an SLP. Anyways, there are many such illegally occupied government properties. I think it is very wrong to evict a lady in the middle of the night in this manner. Now since Omar Abdullah has abandoned her and his kids altogether, I think women right activists cum journalists like Nidhi Razdan should take up her cause by running debates on LRC and like.

P.S. It seems the Omerta code is in operation; so, no journalist will talk about it.

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