Banning of Ravindra Gaikwad from Air Travel is Arbitrary!

There are many issues in the Ravindra Gaikwad, Shiv Sena MP’s, physical fight with the Air India staffer. Most of the issues including the movie he watched yesterday night (I don’t know how Bollywood is able to promote themselves everywhere), are frivolous. However, one issue that needs consideration is abrupt banning of Ravindra Gaikwad from flying in airlines. Air India is a government aided PSE; it just can’t deny the passengers the right to transit using their airline — if he assaulted someone, there is IPC; if he broke some rule, NJ demands he be given a hearing before any action. Furthermore, this banning is so summarily done that it defames the MP — even Dawood has not been banned from flying in Air India. I remember the MP saying that the staffer threatened the MP with complaint to Modi. To be very frank, if some one were to threaten me with a complaint to that a……., I would beat him up too. Media is sold out to the BJP and Modi. Of course, this matter will go in courts. Let us see if they are sold out too. I have a doubt this MP may demand huge compensation from Airlines for banning him, and I think he should do so unless this was just a gimmick. Will he???

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