What Business Communists Have Supporting Trupti Desai?

Trupti Desai is the latest in the list of volatile activists, who is fighting for the right of women in the places of worship. She wants to worship inside the sanctum sanctorum of the Shani Shingnapur temple in Maharashtra. Whatever her activism on merit, I am unable to understand what business the communists have supporting her. Communists are atheists; how does it matter to them who enters a Hindu temple! I think this is plain opportunism in light of the ensuing WB elections.

Or may be they have never taken women seriously. When I read Communist Manifesto, to be very frank, I found it very hollow in re: women. But I was bewildered on encountering the phrase “community of women”, which Marx acknowledged for women in the communist system in reference to the one already existing in the capitalist system. I didn’t find an equivalent term for men in the manifesto. That is there was no mention of any “community of men”. Marx used this term in reference to the capitalist practice of subtle prostitution amongst bourgeois through wife swap. He juxtaposed it with “community of women” as alleged amongst communists calling it a more straightforward and open system. Nevertheless, woman has been considered as a property by Marx. But what I find surprising is that no Marxist has criticized this position of Marx inspite of their apparently liberal and discursive attitude towards social issues. I only hope this “community of women” instead of getting abolished has not turned into institutionalized prostitution amongst communists as well.

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