The Sasikala Saga

If some people are to believed Sasikala was the chosen one of the RSS. Her replacing OPS was also part of the script. Then what happened so suddenly that OPS became the favorite of the center.

Nevertheless, Sasikala was still able to hold her ground and won the trust vote in the assembly through EPS. Of course, she kept her grip on the party through Dinakaran. Now there are allegations of bribery on Dinakaran, and he has also been arrested. On the other hand, the talks of merger between the two camps, OPS and EPS, have not yet concluded. Newspapers are writing columns giving fantastical reasons for OPS’s powerful position in negotiations, albeit with just 12 MLAs.

If one were to take a straightforward cynical view of the whole situation, the writing is clear: Sasikala has fallen off with the center, and now the center is doing all it can to remove her from the TN politics altogether; whoever is willing to toe the line of the center shall rule the roost, EPS or OPS, it hardly matters.

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