Sultan: Watch it at Torrent Only

First Published on 09.06.2016
Watching this movie is like raping a constipated man. I have heard a new theater called Torrent is distributing the tickets free and also offering pollution mask to every watcher. If you are so desperate as to rape a constipated man, watch it at Torrent only — no, I am not so desperate; and not every marketing tactic works.

Comment Dt. 10.07.2016
Let me clarify the reason for writing the above bad words is not Salman Khan’s rape comments. Frankly speaking, per se I didn’t find anything wrong in them, but, of course, I am not so naive as not to understand that it was a movie promotion tactic. In fact, I made the above comment because I didn’t like the story of the movie at all — of course, I have finished watching the movie sans “pollution mask”; took many breaks; requested the theater owner to either play news or porn in between the breaks, and he obliged with news. First, if a girl rejects you because of your low status, and you get a status to get the girl, you are an idiot. Secondly, if a wife abandons you because you failed to pay proper attention to her delivery, were too busy with your career, had turned arrogant or whatever else, well…that can be a reason to be angry, but it can’t be a ground for divorce. It’s not your mistake if your child is born with a rare blood group as that of yours and you don’t have a properly functioning blood bank in your remote village. The only question I would ask in such circumstances would be why the wife was not admitted to a proper good hospital, given you are an Olympic medalist. But, unfortunately, that question can be answered by the writer and the director of the movie, not the poor Salman Khan: he knows only how to take off his shirt, and now when he has a paunch, constipation is the first thing that come to mind. You can’t produce any s… and sell in the name of Salman Khan; at the end of the day, he also has a paunch to settle with inside his shirt.
Advice to news media: The theater owner couldn’t distinguish news from porn, it’s just per chance that news got selected.

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