The Sex Was Consensual, Private Act. Why AAP Punished Its Man by Ashutosh (External Resource)

My Comment: This article of Ashutosh has become quite controversial, but for all the wrong reasons. Indeed, Gandhi was a sex maniac, and he has himself admitted to it in his autobiography. But, he had a guilt feeling towards sex, which seems to have been the prevalent public thought at that time, and, therefore, he adopted Brahmacharya — but, of course he remained sex maniac through out his life. To be very frank, I find roaming naked with girls as young as your daugters to check your Brahmcharya a hypocrisy of the highest form, and then to tell stories about it to others is simply obnoxious. I was wondering who will ever bell this cat. The AAP seems to be doing it, but, I don’t think it is preplanned — if it is, it is the strategical thinking far beyond the level of ordinary humans; they seem to be doing what the BJP/RSS couldn’t do for decades inspite of all their vile propaganda. If the AAP succeeds in it, this would be end game Congress — I would advice the Congress to keep quiet on it. However, I don’t support this move, for, inspite of sexual weaknesses, Gandhi was an extraordinary personality. He couldn’t come to terms with his sexuality, which only shows he was human, not God. He might not get such high regards in today’s date and age, which I think would be fine because sex does underscore human emotions to a very great extent, and curbing it through Brahmacharya to detach political decision making from sexual decision making is futile and unnecessary. Indeed, comfort with one’s sexuality is also a necessary condition for a good public personality. Where and how the line should be drawn is not known to me, and nor do I think the AAP knows it. But, yes, of course Gandhi crossed that line. I think the problem lies with the women as well. I think they naturally think themselves to be sex objects, which inhibit them from choosing sexier males for sexual encounters, leaving space for unsexy politicians and  corporate honchos to exploit women for sexual favours. 

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