SC’s Diesel Ban May just Clear the Pollution of Mind.

Almost everybody is making an argument that banning of high-end diesel cars will not lessen pollution. Well…probably it is true speaking literally, but, figuratively, it might clear the pollution of mind. Consider what a pervert mind it is who buys an expensive diesel car over a gasoline car because his shrewd business mind doesn’t allow him to buy a gasoline car, for the fuel cost in running a diesel car is lesser. But he doesn’t add the cost of pollution he causes, for he has not been taught that in his management/commerce course. This is a pollution of mind which is an outcome of the spoonfeeding, turning human minds into a robotics artificial intelligence — some people in their escalation of commitment to artificial intelligence want to turn men into robots and vice versa. The Supreme Court has given an option to these robots to turn humans again.

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Ankur Mutreja is an advocate-cum-writer, and his blogs are amongst his modes of expression. He has also authored six books: "Kerala Hugged"; "Light: Philosophy"; "Flare: Opinions"; "Sparks: Satire and Reviews"; "Writings @ Ankur Mutreja"; and "Nine Poems"; which can be downloaded free from the links on the top menu.

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