Meet The Man Who Controls Drones With His Mind (External Resource)

My Comment: The fact this has now appeared as a news item in the mainstream media means this technology has existed for ages now. Of course, these ……. have been running experiments on humans since 1940’s or even before (Hitler started it, and the US took over using the services of German scientists captured in World War II; yes, the US is that …… a country; now each military of the world has this technology). These experiments were first conducted in controlled environment on prisoners and medical patients (and, yes, their own soldiers). Thereafter, the laboratory was expanded to real life experimentation by bugging normal people with chips, especially in ear, nose and tooth; the people so bugged were isolated as controlled subjects by defamatory propoganda against them and also through direct control; the experiments might still be continuing on such controlled objects without their knowledge. And now the technology has progressed so much that a human mind can be bugged through mobile towers and other similar instrumentation using triangulation method — the threat of mobile towers is not because of the radiation per se but because of the targeting by the security agencies, the corporate, and the politicians. Some people say any human mind can be bugged using satellites and super computers located in Israel — this is speculative, and I am not sticking my neck out on this. Of course, now the mind control is not just limited to lab experiments but has expanded into security agencies’ tactics. Anybody found to be non-conformist is subjected to mind control through electronic harassment and gang stalking amongst other things. Idea is to neutralize such subjects fully and completely. Well…how do I know all this? Only two kinds of people can know it: those who target and those who are targeted! I abhor Indian Army in specific and the forces in general. Also read The Dangers of Brain Research

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