Meditation claims to open up enlightened levels of awareness. It is undisputed that during meditation brain slows down its pace to alpha frequency from beta frequency in full awareness. In deep sleep, the mind works at delta frequency, which is very slow. So calmer the mind, the lesser the frequency. Ironically, we do most of our productive work when we are fully awake and working at full concentration. After suffering from fragmented sleep patterns for almost an year — which after reading brain science, I have found to be a normal phenomenon of ageing requiring no medication — I am hundred percent sure that “enlightened awareness” actually comes from appropriate allotment of time between less frequency and high frequency states of mind. Uninterrupted sleep of eight hours is the best way to get “enlightened awareness.” Meditation is, in fact, a self-contradictory process, which forces a person to become self-aware of rudimentary things like his breath pattern so as to make him calmer but without falling asleep, which, to me, is stupid and extremely unnatural. I think good natural sleep is the only thing necessary for “enlightened awareness”, and if you have lost it because of aging, it is too bad; meditation is a very poor replacement; better replacements could be periodic rests, peaceful music, and a general slowing down. I strongly recommend all to not to fall in this trap of meditation as a replacement for sleep; if, at all, practice it independently after getting full sleep though I still don’t understand how scientific it is — symptoms of good processing are not a substitute for fundamental reasoning — to me, meditation looks more like fiction like Homeopathy and Psychoanalysis.

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