Married AAP minister Sandeep Kumar sacked over ‘sex scandal’ as anonymous leaker sends party chief Kejriwal ‘objectionable’ photos and video of him with two women | Daily Mail Online

My Comment: I have not found any apparent reason for removal of Sandeep Kumar except that he was indulging in adulterous sexual encounters, which personally I find irrelevant — extra marital affair is inevitable; if your understanding of marriage is complete fidelity, don’t marry. Well…I also understand marriage as an institution requiring complete fidelity, and of course I am not married. My idea of non-corruption and sincerity is the least hypocrisy possible. If you can’t trust someone so much that you may control your lust for others, why marry! However, AAP’s idea of marriage is not the same as that of mine. They are hypocrites, plain and simple, just like the BJP. Else, they won’t have given so much emphasis to a thing as insignificant as an adulterous sexual encounter. In fact, Arvind Kejriwal and Co. shouldn’t have even watched the pornographic CD, for it has been created furtively — I have been searching for this CD for long but couldn’t find it and would have certainly watched it if had got my hands on it, but then I am not a public personality. 

Nevertheless, I would have also sacked this minister but for a different reason. If you are so fond of sex that you want to have multiple partners, at least spend some time on a treadmill. This man is creating bad example for sex enthusiasts. Such messages should not go in the society. Sex is not something which can be bought irrespective of your paunch. You should get it not for your money but for your personality, including your physique. It is the best source of pleasure, and lethargic incompetents should not deserve sex so easily for their power or for their money. Of course, he doesn’t deserve to be a minister. 

Note: Scientists believe that you enjoy sex the most when you have a single partner at a time. 

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