S. P. Tyagi’s Arrest Is Motivated

Let me clarify at the outset I am not making any comment on the culpability of S. P. Tyagi. All I am questioning is his arrest. 

As per the media reports, the CBI sought his custody to establish the money trail. I fail to understand why should investigative agencies need the custody of an accused to establish a money trail. S. P. Tyagi has been appearing before the CBI for months, and of course they would have asked him several questions in the course of the investigation. Unless S. P. Tyagi stuffed money in human butts, there is no danger to any human witness whatsoever from him. All the evidence is documentary evidence, which the CBI has to discover themselves. S. P. Tyagi, an accused, is not supposed to provide self-incriminating evidence to the investigating agencies. And if the CBI apprehends that S. P. Tyagi may destroy documentary evidence, then they are too late in their apprehensions: the evidence would have been destroyed by now. Moreover, if the CBI has been investigating this matter for ages now, what stopped them from taking all the evidence into their custody? The CBI can’t compensate their own incompetence with the arrest of an accused. Of course, this arrest is a motivated arrest. What is the CBI upto? Are they saying they will now use third degree methods to get a confession? Third degree methods on an ex-Air Force Chief! 

This man dares a bit too much. Seriously, he is riding a tiger, but, unfortunately, he is not even qualified to ride a donkey.

P. S. I know what the counter argument would be. They will say the CBI custody has been granted by a court. Oh! Please don’t make that argument to a lawyer. 

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