Republic Day Parade

I have the esteemed privilege of taking part in the Republic Day Parade as part of the Delhi schools’ flag bearing contingent, courtesy the Lovely school I studied in. Since I didn’t do anything extra ordinary in the school, I kept writing this achievement till my very last CV. However, there were some very good learnings from the experience, which I need to share:
1. It is a great opportunity to develop friendships — one of my friends fell in the dirty nallah/lake/water body near the Rajpath while impressing a girl; the girl was impressed.
2. It is not a crime if a senior army officer gives a tight, very tight, slap to his junior in full public view.
3. The big tanks have to burn fuel all night to work in the morning; the small flag bearers amuse themselves with the sound the big guys make at the breakfast.
4. The only chance to get on the TV screen is by taking either an extreme left or an extreme right position in the first row. At that time, I preferred the extreme left, away from the President — even forgot to salute him by lowering the flag, but, thankfully, the game was over, and they could hardly do anything.
5. The schools have to pay handsome sums to the organisers to get in there, so never ever tear your parade blazer after the parade is over because you have to return it to the school as compensation for the privileged presence at the Rajpath.

Well, the Republic Day Parade is exciting for those who can get in there; it seems many AAM people will gatecrash this time without paying any compensation; interesting times ahead!

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  1. I also was a witness to the incident, when one of our friends fell in the fountain….it was not a nallah…I still have the vivid

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