#RamjasRow: Advice to Leftist Guys: Start Carrying Pepper Spray

images (1)A riot can easily be controlled by the police but only if they want to. In any case, when it comes to Delhi Police, the protestors should always carry Pepper Spray, men and women alike — I saw a poor guy being beaten up by a gang of goons and am assuming he wasn’t from ABVP.

Just a caveat: the DP doesn’t allow guys to carry Pepper Spray in Metro — they think it’s only for females. I once got into an altercation with guards in a Metro entry, and no girl supported me; in fact they laughed. This way the guy in this crowd was lucky, for I also saw some girls trying to beat up some guys in the same brawl, and once again I am assuming they weren’t from ABVP.

I see the Leftist guys getting beaten up too pretty often in Delhi, sometimes by Police, sometimes by ABVP, sometimes by Lawyers. This way all kind of people; shopkeepers, bus drivers, rickshaw pullers, street vendors, just anybody; will start beating you up. Trust me, start carrying Pepper Spray. There is nothing feminine about it.

Disclaimer: I started carrying Pepper Spray after some police goons beat me up, but now I have stopped it, and though I am a Lawyer, I don’t beat up Leftist guys, and I hope the Leftist girls don’t have any intentions of beating me up.

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