Nidhi Razdan Needs to Give Way

I am not sure why Nidhi Razdan is a star anchor. I have watched her a lot mainly because of glamour, but now when the glamour has faded out, I can clearly see how poor an anchor she is: She doesn’t know basics, doesn’t work hard either, doesn’t have an independent neutral stand, turns towards anything which is attractive, smiles fakely, makes stupid gestures like eye winks, and deceives genuineness. I was thinking she must have been getting lots of TRP for the channel, but when I find other channels leave NDTV far behind in TRPs, this reason is also ruled out.

I think a news agency which is suffering from such bad state of affairs financially can ill-afford to take such adventures especially when there are far better glamour faces like Um-e-Kulsoom, Kashish Gupta, Neha Khanna, Sonal Mehrotra, Tanima Biswas, Divya Wadhwa, Bhairavi Singh, Bani Singh Chadha, Gargi Rawat (?), etc, waiting in queue. And, also when there are seasoned journalists like Srinivasan Jain and Sonia Singh almost getting wasted. And, also there are faces like Maya Mirchandani, Vishnu Som, Ankita Mukherjee, Sarah Jacob, Sunetra Chaudhury, and Amitabh Revi, available for immediate replacement — Natasha Jog was perfect for anchoring this show. I think there is something seriously wrong somewhere.
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Note: This is indeed a personal attack.

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