Mr. Prime Ministers, If You Talk, Stay Away From Media (External Resource)

My Comment: The government wants to secretly engage with Pakistan on “terror”/Taliban. Of course, they won’t divulge anything till they have set up and decided everything. But these talks are extremely important for media and public, for their is a danger of Taliban entering into Afghanistan through back door. Taliban is the most barbaric force in the world after ISIL, and of course, like ISIL, it has also been created by the US. These two forces pose a very strong danger of taking the quarter of this world to Dark Ages. Now since the complete annihilation of Taliban is beyond the resources and intentions of the power houses; therefore, to obviate the danger of combination of these two forces, it is quite possible that the power houses of the world may utilize Taliban in some new form and reinstate them in Afghanistan, which would be a very big betrayal to Afghans in general and Afghani women in particular. In such circumstances, media has a very strong role to play. They have a duty to report each and every action of all the players concerned in Afghanistan: India, Pakistan, China, Russia, the US, NATO, etc.
But this article is recommending just the opposite. Such advice should come from a RAW agent, not a journalist.

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