Meira Kumar Is just another Hypocrisy!

It is tragic for Dalits when the two well-known Brahminical parties project Dalit faces for presidential elections as a clear vote bank politics. The BJP is a well-known Brahiminical party, but the Congress is no less. It is a party of Kashmiri Pandits. The bias for Kashmiri Pandits is ingrained in the Congress. Furthermore, THE Rahul Gandhi very recently openly projected a Brahmin face in UP when the whole country was talking about Dalit atrocities. After that, I don’t know with what credibility can the Congress project itself to be a pro-Dalit party. Mayawati is the only prominent pro-Dalit face but restricted to UP and marginalised even there. It would have been much better for the Congress to have projected Gopal Krishna Gandhi as their presidential candidate. At least that wouldn’t have ended up projecting the Congress as a hypocrite. Furthermore, his connection with M. K. Gandhi would have given him better credibility even amongst Dalits.

I am dead sure if at all Modi has to be removed from power, it will have to be through Dalit revolution. The BJP knows it pretty well, therefore they have projected a Dalit president. The Congress is ineligible to be a pro-Dalit force. Even Communists are essentially a Bhadralok party, but they have scope if the seniors humbly join the “Margdarshak Mandal”, but I am not placing my bet on Kanhaiya Kumar anymore. I wonder if there is some new force waiting to take over the Indian political scene by storm.

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